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Achieve New Heights in Telecom Management with an MBA from MITSOT

Telecom management is one of the most sough-after career in the country today. Seeing the current boom in the sector, the prospect of an MBA in Telecom Management is bright. The constantly expanding Telecom sector needs expert managers that can supervise the business and add value to the company. Having a specialised MBA degree can definitely give individuals an edge over their peers. So, those who are willing to make a career in telecom sector can join PGDM/MBA course of MITSOT (MIT School of Telecom Management) for best opportunities.

Telecom Management helps an individual in developing all the necessary skills to operate efficiently in the corporate sector. The challenging telecom market needs professionals who can manage the job successfully. Companies give more preference to the candidates who are well trained and have high qualification in the telecom management. Students after passing out from a management school can easily get a decent opportunity as the market is full of Indian as well as internationals companies who require manpower for its effective functioning. To cater to the rising need, MITSOT began its flagship programme of PGDM/MBA that is grooming not just business managers but ‘Future Leaders’ also.

MITSOT is a constituent body of MAEER’s MIT which is an established name in the education sector. The management institute has got AICTE approval and Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) affiliation as well. The programmes that are offered at MITSOT are Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Marketing/HR, Finance, and Telecom System), Master of Business Administration and M.Sc. in International Business. The institute has an excellent track record of placements and is favourite among the recruiters. An individual can feel secure about future prospects by pursuing a postgraduate course in MITSOT

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Become a Business Leader with MITSOT’s Telecom Management Programmes

Now, framing a career has become easy with MITSOT’s MBA/PGDM programme in Telecom Management. PGDM/MBA in Telecom Management is a program that is specifically designed to develop understanding in individuals about the skills and knowledge of all the functional areas of Telecommunication.

Telecommunication, nowadays also known as Information & Communication Technology (ICT), is a very distinct industry from the FMCG industry, so it requires specialized education to effectively deal within this industry. Since it is a high-growth industry, it requires exceptional knowledge if an individual really wants to look at ICT as their future. Students taking PGDM/MBA Telecom Management classes at MITSOT enable individuals to enter stable and high growth careers.


MIT School of Telecom Management (MITSOT) is an AICTE certified Telecom Management Institute that focuses on enhancing the techno managerial skills of the students. MITSOT is a constituent of MAEER’s MIT that was established with the sole objective to create and develop professional educational facilities. Besides this, the institute is even certified with Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC). Through their superior quality education, individuals get assistance in becoming the “Business Leaders” and “Change Managers” of different industries. Moreover, MITSOT is even recognized for providing individuals with programs like Post Graduate Diploma in Management (in Marketing/HR, Finance or Telecom System), Master of Business Administration and M. Sc in International Business. Not just this, the company is even partners with various reputed firms that enable students in obtaining a bright future. So enroll today with India’s best Telecom Management Institute, MIT School of Telecom Management

Give Your Career a Technical Boost with MIT School of Telecom Management

If you want to enhance your technical skills to be a part of the Telecom Sector, then availing the PGDM/MBA courses offered by MIT School of Telecom Management will assist you in enhancing your technical skills.

PGDM/MBA in Telecom Management is a program that assists individuals in enhancing their technical skills for all the functional areas of Telecommunication. Besides this, through these programs, individuals even get assistance in acquiring the knowledge of Telecom Sector with ease and efficiency. Not just this, these programs are focused to build the career of an individual in various reputed industries that include Telecom Technologies, Business Management, Telecom Business, and much more. Moreover, these courses are structured to provide guidance to the students in effectively learning the processes like analysis, planning, decision and implementation, which further help students in becoming the leaders of the industry.

Started in 2007, MIT School of Telecom Management (MITSOT) is an AICTE and Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) affiliated management institution that is well-recognized for providing its students with the top-notch quality Telecom learning. The institute expertises in enhancing their students with Techno Managerial Skills by providing with high quality and innovative learning. The programs that MITSOT provide include Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Marketing/HR, Finance, Telecom System), Master of Business Administration and M.Sc. in International Business. Furthermore, the institute is even well-known for providing their students with the opportunity to act as “Business Leaders” & “Change Manager” of different fields. So, get enrolled with one of the leading management institutes in India and give your career a technical advancement

Study Telecom Management in India with MITSOT for Wider Telecom Industrial Exposure

Telecom management is the most emerging career option for aspiring candidates who want to make it big in the corporate industry. Telecom management in India is rising like never before. Every alternate day, the industry brings some new and enticing thing. You can make your career in this field, if you are someone who wants to achieve something in life.

Telecom industry promises good career opportunities. The hyper telecom market needs ardent professionals who can manage the nitty and gritty of telecom profession. In the Indian telecom market, there is a deficit of qualified candidates. Companies are desperately looking for the right telecom candidates who are trained and have qualifications in telecom management. There are many national telecom companies in India as well as international companies who require manpower for its effective functioning.

So, it is right time that you make a career in this and for getting the training and qualifications, you can rely on MITSOT. MIT School of Telecom Management offers two full years MBA in telecom management Pune which is AICTE approved and Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) affiliated. This institution is a quintessential of its own genre. They completely train students by giving them live industrial training where students get equipped to face with the real challenges of the telecom industry. They have framed the course module keeping in mind the international criteria for the telecom industry so that students can also work with overseas companies with ease. With their quality education, MITSOT has emerged as one of the most premier institutions of the country