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MITSOT to organize a Conference focusing on Digital Healthcare


Around the world governments have realized that the economic growth of a country cannot be achieved without healthier citizens and a disease-free society. India’s phenomenal economic growth in the last decade has improved overall health standards in the country. Despite making significant improvements in health outcomes such as lowering of infant mortality rate (IMR) and maternal mortality rates (MMR), and polio eradication, the country continues to suffer from inequities and inefficiencies.

As the world pivots closer to the ‘virtualization of care’, amazing breakthroughs occur erasing the healthcare boundaries and enabling care through mobile, digital, and wireless technologies.Digital health technologies have the potential to transform the way healthcare is delivered and help governments analyze Big Data to identify unmet needs and measure outcomes in a precise manner. mHealth applications can be a game changer for the Indian healthcare sector.

This Conference aims to focus on some of the aforementioned technologies and advances in the field of healthcare such as Digital Health, mHealth & eHealth, Health IT, Telehealth & connected health, EHR/EMR, Sensors & Wearables, Big Data & Analytics etc. This will be achieved by expert panel discussions, presentations as well as Startup Demos.


  • Participation of leading doctors as well as senior professionals from Pharma, Healthcare, IT & Telecom sectors including Hospital Administrators & Mobile App Developers.
  • Live product demonstrations at the Conference venue in the field of sensors, wearable, health and wellness apps, EHR/MHR, mHealth & eHealth initiatives etc.
  • Participation of final year students from MIT Group of Institutions as well as other concerned engineering, science, computer applications, telecom, medical, pharmacy, pathology and biomedical colleges from in & around Pune
  • Competitions such as Idea Competition, Poster Competition, mHealth App Development Competition etc. for students.

For more information, please contact   Mr. Umesh Chande, Sr. Manager – Corporate Relations, MITSOT on 9967505355 /

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Dr Milind Pande, Project Director MITSOT addressing the press conference on Digital Health Consultation.
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Developing a Competitive Workforce for Technology of the Future

Management Development Programme with

Faculty Member, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, USA

Friday, 12th August 2016 : Hotel President, Pune

The 6th edition of the Management Development Programme with Prof. Dr. Suresh Borkar, Faculty Member, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, USA was held on Friday, 12th August 2016 at Hotel President in Pune. Dr. Borkar was Former Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Tata Lucent Telecom Joint Venture and Lucent India Inc. The theme of this year’s MDP was “Developing a Competitive Workforce for Technology of the Future”.sbwks_2

The focus of the MDP was on need for developing comprehensive interdisciplinary thematic expertise in our engineers and managers for business success in the industry of the future. Looking at the current fast changing technological scenario, it was felt that the workforce needs to be imparted with multi-disciplinary and broad-based knowledge not only in the technology issues but also in societal and legal challenges associated with the business environment of the future. Moreover, in order for the Indian industry to compete successfully and excel in the competitive global environment, it is an imperative for managers and engineers to effectively initiate and manage the technology of the future.


The theme was relevant for across industry sectors like IT, Telecom, Manufacturing, Engineering, Services etc. as well as for academicians. Over 40 senior professionals from Industry representing organizations such as Infosys, Idea Cellular, Vodafone, Samsung India, Tech Mahindra, Sharp India, Persistent Systems, ThyssenKrupp Industries, Vishay Components India, Hyundai Construction Equipment, NCORD Healthcare, Greenlight Technologies, Market Intelligence & Consulting, JBM MA Automotive, Opine Group, Sigma OSS Systems, Synthesys Solutions etc. and from leading educational institutions like University of Pune, NBN Sinhagad School of Management Studies actively participated in the highly interactive programme. Lots of queries & questions were posed relating to Security & Privacy Issues, Data management, Smart Cities, Legal & Ethical Issues with respect to Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Managing Transformative & Disruptive Technologies etc.

During the interaction, Dr. Borkar touched upon on key areas such as Use of Innovative Technologies in the Smart Cities Concept, IOT, Requirements for Smart Solutions, Technology Enablers, Innovative Software Development, Open Hardware Development etc. He also discussed the changing relationship between University & Industry and how balance between Inter-disciplinary Breadth and Deep Technical Excellence in Selected Areas is the need of the hour. He also focused on the importance of Technology-mediated learning, leveraging Information and Communications Technologies, Computer and Internet-based instruction as well as access to instructional materials any time, any place.


The overall feedback at the end of the session was that it was a great learning for all those who were present & that these kind of sessions will certainly go a long way in enhancing the continuous engagement between institutions like MITSOT and the Industry.

Earlier, Dr. Milind Pande, Project Director, MITSOT felicitated Dr. Borkar and remarked on his long association with MITSOT over the past many years.


Sessions of International Faculty, Dr. Suresh Borkar, from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, for MITSOT students

Students at MIT School of Telecom Management, started their third semester with the series of lectures by an eminent International faculty in the field of Telecommunications, Prof. Dr. Suresh Borkar, from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago on Telecom from 8th to 12th of August, 2016.


These sessions help the students at MITSOT in understanding the potentials relating to ICT on various forums and the aptitudes of the telecom industry, globally.


Dr. Borkar interacted with students on various aspects of Telecommunications, Market Development, Product Development (PD), Systems Engineering (SE), Design, Testing and Verification, First Office Application (FOA), Performance Optimization, and Service Provisioning and Management, Architecture Finalization, Design Steps, Site Testing, Performance Optimization, Network Management, and Customer Management of Current and Upcoming Telecom Networks.


Dr. Borkar also had a session on “The Overview on Telecom Technologies” for the First year Junior System students of Batch 2016-18, on 12th August, 2016.


These sessions are a great learning experience for the students of both the batches, respectively. With Dr. Borkar’s wide-ranging knowhow on Telecommunication and related interdisciplinary fields, it has helped students to broaden their understanding towards such vast domain.