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Condolence Meeting of Mr. Bipul Raj (Batch 2017-19)

It was a sad moment for the Team MITSOT (Hon. Executive Director, Hon. Project Director, Faculty members, Staff and Students) to hold a condolence meet on the occasion of accidental demise of Mr. Bipul Raj (One of students from batch 2017-19). This meeting happened on 31st August 2017. The meet began with speeches by the faculty members and students of MITSOT who expressed their feelings towards Mr. Bipul. The series of speeches began with a speech by Prof. Suhrudh who appealed students to take care of their precious life. Prof. Shashank continued on the same note and highlighted importance of following rules and regulations enforced by the law and organization. Further, Prof. Amit Sinha and Mr. Rishabh conveyed their feeling about the incident. Ms. Avani nad Mr. Vipul shared their sentiments and their experiences they had with Mr. Bipul

Dr. S. N. Pathan who was present on this occasion advised students to take life seriously and not to get carried away by the experience called as thrill at the cost of their lives. Dr. Pande (Hon. Project Director MITSOT) prayed to almighty for Mr. Bipul’s soul.

Everybody assembled for the meet observed two minutes silence as a respect for Mr. Bipul.

MITSOT’s Mobile based Examination Application – SMART TEST

In line with MITSOT’s mission & vision, the above app was developed by faculty members, IT Team & students to automate the manual process in examinations with the help of technology there by saving time, money and resources.The various advantages are as follows:

  1. Plug & Play Device
  2. Leverages BYOD (ubiquitous Smartphones with students)
  3. Tests anywhere i.e. Infrastructure becomes non-issue
  4. User friendly
  5. saves time
  6. provides data with history & proofs
  7. Saves cost on stationary & conserves environment
  8. Data is secured
  9. Compatible with Android and IOS
  10. Students can retain Soft Copy of Answer Sheets & Results
  11. Internet Connection is not required
  12. Immediately after the submission of test, results with analysis like rank, average / percentile etc. are displayed.

Future Road map: Going forward, MITSOT envisions to conduct paperless exams, group assignments etc. Such technology based initiatives enhances the education & learning process in institutions.


Dr. Suresh Borkar visited MITSOT from 5th August to 12th August.

Dr. Borkar  is a member of the faculty in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago. He is President of Telek Solutions, a knowledge share company, and also a Senior Principal Investigator with Roberson and Associates, a technology and management company based in Chicago.He conducted formal classes with PGDM Systems Senior batch on “Career Management in ICT “from 5th August to 11th August. The deliberations emphasized on the current trends and practices of ICT utilization further the lecture has also covered the career prospects related to ICT.  The key aspect of the session was also emphasizing on leveraging differentiation and competitive advantage through ICT. The traditional career model was introduced first. The current emphasis on silo developments with platform based solutions is covered and the associated roles and responsibilities from testing to customer management are identified. Soft skills, e.g., teamwork, decision making, and the imperative of being solutions oriented are emphasized. In the coming future, the need for multi-disciplinary solutions based on thematic approach to meet the requirements for smart City applications are discussed. He also gave some insights on IoT solution requiring skills in areas of massive data crunching and operating in collaborative global teams.On 11th August he conducted an MDP session for Industry Delegates on “Artificial Intelligence – The Growth Engine”. It was very much appreciated by the Industry delegates because of its novel and relevant content with special reference to the given Industry context.

On 12th August he addresses the PGDM Junior Systems batch on New Telecom Technologies.

Management Development Programme (MDP) with Dr. Suresh Borkar, Sr. Faculty Member, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA.

MIT School of Telecom Management (MITSOT), Pune recently organized the 10th edition of its annual initiative i.e. Management Development Programme (MDP) with Dr. Suresh Borkar, Sr. Faculty Member, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA. The session this year was scheduled on Friday, 11th August 2017 from 3 pm to 5.30 pm at Hotel Deccan Rendezvous, Apte Road, Pune. Dr. Suresh Borkar, apart from his vast academic experience has also spent relatively long time in the Industry, as Former MD & CTO of Tata Lucent Telecom Joint Venture and Lucent India Inc. The focus of the Interaction was “Artificial Intelligence – The Growth Engine”, a subject which is very much relevant in today’s challenging times.The interaction focused on varied areas such as AI Framework comprising of Services, Architecture & Technology, AI – Utopia or Dystopia and its application in the Indian context. He highlighted that AI is currently used in different industry sectors such as Manufacturing, Logistics, Transportation, Healthcare, Financial Services & e-commerce, Education, Home, Agriculture, Military Systems etc. He also spoke on the Key factors enabling AI which include Internet of Things (IoT), Growth in Big Data and Innovations relying on Computer-based Vision, Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing. He also focused on current AI advances as well as Research Areas and key AI players such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, and Baidu as Users, Platform and Service Providers, and Researchers.In conclusion he also stressed on the areas of concern with relation to AI such as its Impact on Employment, likely domination by two or three large general purpose Cloud-based Commercial Enterprises, much bigger impact in developing economies than in rich ones, the ethical dimension and societal issues, Rights to Privacy and protection of personal data, diminishing interpersonal interaction etc.Around 35+ senior professionals from leading organizations such as Indus Valley Technologies, Indus Towers Ltd., Capgemini Technology Services, Sigma Systems India, Uberall Solutions India, Boston IT Solutions, GTL Ltd., Bhate & Ponkshe and many more as well as faculty members from select Management & Engineering Institutes participated in this Interactive Session.

The overall feedback at the end of the session was that it was a great learning for all those who were present & that these kind of sessions will certainly go a long way in enhancing the continuous engagement between institutions like MITSOT and the Industry.

Earlier, Dr. Milind Pande, Project Director, MITSOT felicitated Dr. Borkar and remarked on his long association with MITSOT over the past many years.

MITSOT Foundation Day Celebration 1st August 2017

It was a privilege for the Team MITSOT (Hon. Executive Director, Hon. Project Director, Faculty members, Staff and Students) to celebrate 10th Foundation Day of MITSOT. This celebration happened on 1st August 2017. The celebration began with a business quiz conducted for the faculty and staff members. This quiz was hosted by Prof. Shashank Diwekar and Prof. Amit Sinha. It was a tough fight for both group A and group B which was finally won by group B. Further, the celebration was continued by revisiting the MITSOT video.Dr. Yogesh Bhalerao (Principal, MIT AOE) attended the celebration as an esteemed guest who shared his experience with MITSOT and his feelings towards Dr. Milind Pande (Hon. Project Director MITSOT). His speech was followed by felicitation of dedicated staff and faculty members. Mr. Arun Patil, Mr. Avinash Patil, Ms. Rekha Phathak, Mr. Shikant and Prof. Rajashri Kadam were felicitated for their dedicated contributions. Prof. Suhrudh, Prof. Jaideep, Mr. Arun Patil and Mr. Avinash Patil shared their feelings about MITSOT.In his brief speech Dr. Milind Pande (Hon. Project Director MITSOT) discussed various aspects related to inception and journey of MITSOT. In his speech he has discussed about prospects and challenges of MITSOT. He mentioned that the united effort of everyone and timely achievements (like NIRF ranking) have helped MITSOT in creating its niche. He also mentioned about his expectations from the MITSOT team and mentioned that the team need to take the organization at new heights.Prof. Divekar was master of ceremony. Prof. Sharayu Patil has taken efforts in making the celebration memorable one. The MITSOT team members captured memories of the ceremony by having snaps with Hon. Project director. Mr. Utkastsh (Systems Student Batch-2017-19) clicked wonderful snaps of the ceremony.

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Mr. Gautam Karmakar’s Iivited Talk at MITSOT, Pune, India

MIT School of Telecom management (MTSOT) Pune organized an invited talk by Mr. Gautam Karmakar National Head- CE ( Strategic and Govt Accounts)- Airtel Business at Bharti Airtel Limited, alumini of SITM on 4th August 2017 for the students of Systems and Marketing Specialization (Batch 2016-18). Before his address discussion he interacted with the Hon. Project Director Dr. Milind Pande and faculty members of MITSOT.

Profile of Mr. Gautam Karmakar

Mr. Gautam is an Electronics & Telecommunications Engineer and a proud alumnus of Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management. He has close to 1.5 decades experience of Telecom Industry with special reference to functions pertaining to sales and operations. During his tenure his KRA’s were consisted of both Managerial and Leadership Roles related to operations management and business development. He has been instrumental in enriching the customer experience from satisfaction to delight. Mr. Karmakar’s brilliant academic achievements have created a career opportunity as a Management Trainee. He started his career with Bharti Airtel Ltd under the young leader program and moved up the corporate ladder. At Bharti Airtel Ltd, he handled various tactical and strategic roles like Key Account Manager, Business Head (Hyderabad) and Regional Business Manager of Airtel. Presently, he is the Chief Service Officer for South India (Airtel Business) and is responsible for project implementation, service assurance post project delivery. He is a rare mix of technical expertise, a natural business sense, quick learner with an eye for detail and in depth study, clubbed with his passion for excellence..

Summary of a talk on “Opportunities and Challenges in Telecom Industry”

Mr. Karmakar addressed a gathering of more than 40 students of MITSOT at class room No. 503 on a theme tiled ‘Opportunities and Challenges in Telecom Industry’ from 3:30pm-4.30pm. Dr. Milind Pande (Project Director, MITSOT) welcomed him for the session and Prof. Sangeeta Dokey introduced him to the audience. In his address Mr. Karmakar emphasised on the various opportunities available for the students of marketing and system specialization. He initiated his address by describing the role of acquiring skills in order to get a desired designation. He justified that relevant certifications help in creating opportunity in an industry as it acts as a qualification criteria. He mentioned that the industry looks for an innovative idea that offers competitive advantage. In order to elaborate this perspective he shared his experiential learning with the audience. According to him, simplicity works when it comes to writing CV and facing an interview. During the Q&A, he mentioned that start-up companies offer more learning opportunities at the cost of risk whereas in case of established organizations the both learning opportunities and risk are less. He highlighted the importance of performance in the context of designing one’s career path. He concluded the session by mentioning that career is a choice and the path is never fixed.

Prof. Dokey proposed vote of thanks in order to conclude the session formally.