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Mr. Kamlesh Jagdale’s Invited Talk on “How to prepare for the campus interviews”

On 18th November, 2017 a guest lecture was conducted by Mr. Kamlesh Jagdale for the students of MITSOT, batch 2017-19 on the aforementioned topic.  Profile of Mr. Kamlesh Jagdale – Mr. Kamlesh Jagdale is a young and energetic HR professional who is specialized in Campus Recruitment of Engineers and Management Grads across India from IIMs, IITs and Top Regional Colleges.  He has completed his education from Indira Global Business School, Pune and handled diversified portfolio having cross industry exposure to Automobile (Piaggio), Engineering (TATA Technologies) and IT (Veritas Software Technologies) sectors. He is associated with Veritas Software Technologies, India as University Recruiter’. As ‘University Recruiter’ he is accountable for all the campus recruitment related activities including planning, organizing and implementing it. He is accountable for execution of full cycle of University Recruitment events held across India. He also visits various management institutes as a keynote industry and motivational speaker organized for students.Summary of a talk on “How to prepare for the campus interviews”

Mr. Jagdale started the session by elaborating about the important aspects related with the recruitment process. During the session he mentioned that preparation of resume is one of the important aspect that is taken into consideration as it is the documented description about ability of the students. He mentioned that the resume has to be to the point as it brings more clarity to the reader. Justifying your resume is one of the important aspect of any interview process. Another aspect which students need to work on is planning. Many a times the recruiters provide practical problems from the corporate world and ask the candidates to provide probable solution. Using Time matrix for prioritization help in such scenarios. This matrix works on the basis of urgent, important, not urgent and not important.The ability which is taken in to consideration at the time of interview is decision making ability. This ability is judged upon the approach and the reason to justify. The communication skill is another parameter that is considered during interview. He suggested that that one should be able to communicate effectively in order to convey his or her thoughts to the interviewer. Written communication is equally important. Ability to Influence is another aspect as it underlines the X factor candidate possess for the interviewer. Elevator speech is a concept which helps in influencing effectively in a short span of time. Various recruiters also check the analytical abilities of the candidates by asking them to analyze data. It is expected that the candidate should have a brief idea about the company which indicates candidate’s interest in the organization. One must ensure that he/she has visited the company’s website before the interview. Mr. Amit Sinha taken special efforts for organizing this guest lecturer, Mr. Nikhil Mhaske introduced the guest. Ms. Sunita proposed vote of thanks. Ms. Dhanashree taken special efforts for preparing the report.

National Conference on “Jab Man Met Machine”

MIT School of Technology Management (MTSOT) Pune in association with GIC (GLOBAL IT COMMUNE) organized a NATIONAL CONFERENCE on a theme “Jab Man Met Machine”. This event was held on 11th of November 2017 at Swami Vivekananda Hall.

The conference was organized and held into different phases – inaugural session, award ceremony, presentation, panel discussion and quiz round. In this conference presentations were given by different speakers on different topics related to information technology (IT). These presentations were followed by a quiz competition. A Stand- Up comedy session was also organized as a part of post lunch session.The conference started with World Peace Prayer which was followed by a Welcome Note. Dr. Shanker Ramamoorthy, Governer of GIC shared his views as a welcome address. He briefed the audience about the establishment of GIC and gave predictions related to impact of IT on human life. Some of the predictions indicated that 90% of the population will have unlimited data by 2018 as well as the world is going to experience introduction of unique technology based products like 3D printed cars by 2022, implantable mobile phones by 2025, online digital presence by 2023, tax collection via block chain by 2023 and super computers in pockets by 2024.

After the welcome address Prof. Shobana Anand informed the audience about the successful journey of MITSOT and its role in education and the special initiatives taken up by MITSOT.

Prof. Sangeeta Dokey briefed the audience about one of the special initiative taken up by MITSOT that MITSOT has launched Entrepreneurship Development Program on 3rd November 2017 for 4 weeks to promote the spirit of Entrepreneurship among students community. This program is in collaboration with MIT Technology Business Incubator and supported by NSTEDB National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board.Dr. E.B. Khedkar, Vice Chancellor of Ajinkya D.Y. Patil Pune University elaborated about the symbiotic relationship between Man and Machine and mentioned about advantages and disadvantages of having machines. Dr. Sandeep Sane, the Director of Sai Balaji Society addressed the audience by mentioning about the gap between the industry and the institutions and how this gap can be removed through summer internships and how analytics in every field is important.

Continuing the thread Dr. Sunil Avhad spoke about ‘Man and Machine’ and ‘Man VS Machine’ perspectives. These presentations were followed by award ceremony in which Dr. Sunil Patil, Managing Director of Indus technology and Prof. Sunil Khilari, Sinhgad Institute of Management received ‘Dronacharya Award’ for their outstanding contribution in the field of “Industry-Academia Interface”. Prof. Tanaji Dabade from Sai Balaji Society (IIMS) received ‘Dr. Radhakrishnan Award’ which was given for his contributions in field of “Industry-Academia Interface”.

Then the next phase of presentations session started with the presentation on Cyber Security in the world of Connected Everything by Mr. Shrirang Bapat, who is the CEO, Founder of Forty TwoLabs LLP. He spoke about different approaches of cyber security. Mr. Sanal Nair, Global Partner Marketing Manager, Tricentis India gave the next presentation emphasizing on impact of technological change on mankind. The next presentation was presented by Mr. Ashok Singh and Mayank Naidu, MD & VP of MCAL Global. They gave brief introduction and functioning of MCAL Global which believe in creating value for their clients. Mr. Dharmendra Bhangale and Mr. Rishikesh Memane (co-founder of BMIPL) gave a presentation about their organization BMIPL which offers professional training consultancy services. They mentioned that the rejections in recruitment process because of the gap between what recruiters wants and what the candidates perceive they want. This presentation was followed by the presentations given by Master Arnav Ramamoorthy & Master Aditya Shankar (Ryan International School). In these presentation the mentioned that robotics is an outcome of sensing, computing and transmitting. They informed that embedded systems play a key role in robotics. They mentioned about emergence of robotics in various sectors including education, health care, agriculture and food, energy and government services.

Dr. Sharad Airani (President of Yuva Pravatan) presented on topic “INFO Security and Strategic IT Luminary”. He elaborated that creativity helped mankind in handling machines. He emphasized that multi-tasking and multi- skilling is important in modern day scenariosThe event also had a panel discussion on topic “Man and Machine”. The panel moderator was Mr. Sanjay Upadhayay and the panelist members were Mr. Amit Chourasia, Mr. Pankaj Gugale, Mr Satish Joshi, Mr. Swapnil Agarwal, Mr. Ashok Singh, Mr. Sharad Airani & Mr Joseph Jude.

The discussion started with a statement that in this era lots of IT companies are established, are they going to replace the man with machines. The panelists mentioned that there is also a gap between what industry needs and what is taught in institutions. Panelists mentioned that updating skills is key in present scenario. Panelist suggested that focusing on being an entrepreneur is more important as it offers flexibility.

A quiz competition on IT and Management. The quiz competition was played between three teams consisting of students of MITSOT. It was hosted by Ms. Revathi Viswanathan and at last the quiz winners were felicitated. Prof. Shobhna Anand, Mr. Amit Sinha taken special efforts for the success of the event. They were supported by Prof. Suhrud, Prof. Shashank, Prof. Rajashree and enthusiastic students of MITSOT Ms, Sunita, Mr. Nikhil, Ms. Amanpreet, Ms. Anjali, Mr. Gaurav, Mr. Utkarsh and Ms. Roopshikha to name a few.

Mr. Ramamoorthy proposed vote of thanks and the program ended with  National Anthem.

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Mr. Arun Kondapalle’s Invited Talk on “Sales & Distribution, profiles of sales in telecom Industry/other Industries”

MIT School of Telecom management (MTSOT) Pune organized an invited talk by Mr. Arun Kondapalle on 28th of September 2017 for the students of Batch 2016-18.

Profile of Mr. Arun Kondapalle – Mr. Kondapalle possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from ICT Mumbai, and also a MBA degree in Analytical Finance and Strategic Marketing from ISB Hyderabad. Prior to joining ISB, he has served the Govt of Maharashtra as Assistant Commissioner in Transport Department, having secured 9th rank in Maharashtra Public Service Commission Examination 1996. After his post-graduation from ISB, he has worked across all top three telecoms of India over the last decade and as a General Manager managed retail business for Vodafone (Maharashtra and Goa) as his last assignment. He was always been at the strategic leadership positions because of the techno-managerial capabilities. He has recently ventured into technopreneurship, setting up his own consulting venture. The venture aims to leverage the benefits of technology, to promote technology driven efficiency across businesses, focusing on implementing IoT. Further the venture also focuses on strategy and operations for businesses. Sir is an avid reader, and is passionate about coaching, mentoring, and grooming talented and potential young minds to take up responsible positions in professional life.

Summary of a talk on “Sales & Distribution, profiles of sales in telecom Industry /other Industries”

Mr. Arun Kondapalle addressed a gathering of more than 70 students of MITSOT (Batch-2016-18) at seminar hall on a theme titled ‘Sales & Distribution, profiles of sales in telecom Industry/other Industries’ from 4:00pm-6:00pm. Prof. Avadhut welcomed him and shared the objectives of the invited talk. Ms. Hetal (Student President) introduced the speaker to the audience. In his address Mr. Patil detailed about the evolution happened in telecom sector, he mentioned that this sector has experienced multiple revolutions out of which IoT is the recent one. He justified that the sector is growing rapidly because of enhanced penetration of smartphones. He addressed that even though smartphones are capturing the customer share brands like apple have retained their exclusivity. He explained that there are four types of entry level profiles in telecom sector. These profiles are sales, retail, enterprise and marketing. He described the different requirements of these four profiles and mentioned that sales required aggressive penetration in market where as retail requires ability to create experience.

He further stressed that the enterprise expects managing key accounts and marketing requires conceptual knowledge. After providing overview he has conducted few demonstrations about how to face an interview. In these demonstrations he asked FAQ’s that are prominently considered by industries and asked students to answer them. In this exercise he has provided certain tips and mentioned that self-awareness is the key to succeed in the interview. He asked the students to be honest in the interview session. He mentioned that use of relevant facts and figures enhances the interest of employer in the candidate and asked students to be analytical. The session was followed by Question and Answers and formally concluded by Mr. Sbyasachee who proposed the vote of thanks. Ms. Shilpa Wanjari and Mr. Rahul Patil (IT Department) helped smooth functioning of the session.