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Marketing Manthan 2017

The grand event of MIT School of Technology & Management ‘Marketing Manthan 3’ was celebrated with grandeur and dignity, for the third year in a row. Like the previous years the event saw wholehearted and enthusiastic participation from MITSOT students across all specializations.This year the entire event – right from conceptualization to execution – was driven by the students, with peripheral support and guidance of faculty members. It is a matter of great pride for MITSOT that the students successfully executed the event which saw some very innovative concepts and competitions. Students from various colleges were invited to participate in competitions and events at MITSOT campus.‘Korbo, Lodbo, Jeetbo’ was a competition, loosely based on the concept of treasure hunt but with an interesting twist which required quick thinking and snap decisions on part of the participants. ‘LemonSquiz’ was another unique concept which required teams of two each. This combined the skills of balancing a lemon on a spoon, along with quick, rapid-fire GK questions. The team answering the quiz questions faster ended up being the winner of the race.‘Mitsot Haat’  the mini ‘fun-fare’ cum marketplace for the third year drew crowds who were delighted to see a variety of goods, eatables as well as games and amusements. This is an activity aimed at encouraging and promoting the entrepreneurial skills among the students. The stalls were all run by the students who were excited to be a part of this unique festival. The best-run stall was given a special award.‘MadAD’ competition required the participating teams to prepare video advertisements on some non-existent products which were pre-decided. The event put to test the creativity, imagination and presentation skills of the participants. It was a delight to see the end-result wherein the participating students came out with some very unique concepts and contents, combining humour and various advertising appeals. The students.The third and last day of ‘Marketing Manthan 3’ saw a debate competition where the competitors were pitted against each other, debating on several current topics of public interest mostly  related to business and economy. Students found this to be a great platform not only to discuss some relevant topics of interest, but also to put across views and opinions in front of a sizeable and excited audience.The students also got an opportunity to listen to and interact with some top marketing professionals from the industry. The students campaigned for and promoted the ‘Marketing Manthan 3 ’ both online and offline. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter were used extensively to create awareness and generate interest.

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Rotary Club Pune Celebrated their Global Grant Project at MIT School of Telecom Management, Pune

Rotary Club Pune celebrated the completion and closure of their Global Grant project GG1745223 on Dec 7th 2017. The club completed the humongous task of installing 168 incinerators across schools, colleges, girls hostels in Pune and conducted several feminine hygiene awareness sessions to help women understand the need and use of disposing if sanitary napkins safely.The following guests graced the occasion: Chief guest: PDG Deepak Shikarpur, Guest of honour, PP Arun Sathe, Mrs Neeta Pingale ex AWWA chief 7th arrow division,Mrs Deepa Gadgil, DGN Ravee Dhotre. The international partner club Cardiff Bay members Steve Jenkins, Paul Bulpin and Alison joined the occasion live through video call.Mrs Neeta Pingale had initiated similar project in Ferozepur wishes to see Pune in the top 10 cleanest cities. DRFC Deepak Shikarpur shared his thoughts on the project was in line with Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. DGN Ravee Dhotre extended all the help from District to do more such projects and congratulated the club for job well done. First Lady Deepa Gadgil asked the club to also generate awareness on alternative methods of systematic disposal like the Red dot.Project chairperson Smita Vikhankar presented the project details, President Sunita Katariya expressed her thoughts wonderful through a self authored poem on the project. Rotaractor Yash Vikhankar and Monalisa Dusane competed the event. IPP and PI Director Mrs Pienaal Waankhaday proposed vote of thanks and rightfully was very proud of the successful completion of the project started in her presidential year. Inspira members Asawari Joshi, Sangita Mali, Jayashree Bhalgat, Harshada Vispute, Arti Rele were present during the occasion. Dr. Milind Pande, Project Director, MITSOT, Pune initiated & participated in this Project.

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Published in Leading News Paper Lokmat dated 16 December 2017

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Collaboration Between MITSOT Pune & ESIC, Business & Marketing School, Spain

ESIC is a leading business schools in Spain, with an experience of over fifty years training business and marketing professionals. It offers Undergraduate degree, post Graduate degree and Executive Education and some specialized courses. It offers, BBA, International MBA, Global MBA, and Full time MBA & Executive MBA.Dr. Prof.  Tanguy Jacopin, Director India Center @ ESIC Business & Marketing School, Spain visited MIT SOT campus  on 27th Nov 2017 to explore the possibility of collaboration between MIT SOT & ESIC Business & Marketing School, Spain.

MITSOT team had a very fruitful interaction with Dr. Prof. Tanguy and both agreed to take this association ahead and sign an MOU between both the Institutions.

Entrepreneurship Development Program at MITSOT

In collaboration with MITTBI (MIT Technology Business Incubator) and Sponsored by NSTEDB (Department of Science and Technology, Gov. of India.The EDP program started on 3rd November 2017 and successfully completed on 5th December 2017 under the able guidance of Dr. Milind Pande, Project Director MITSOT. About 30 participants participated in the program. The batch was mix of Entrepreneurs and students who are dreaming to become an Entrepreneur.The program was for 4 weeks aiming at training the Science and Technology graduates and Diploma holders. The program content includes classroom training on essentials of entrepreneurship survey of the prevalent socio-economic scenario ,identification of business opportunities ,role and function as well as schemes of assistance offered by various constituents of the support system , preparation of a technically feasible and economically viable project report ,achievement motivation training and also the nuances of management of an enterprise .Management input on Marketing and finance was also imparted.All the sessions received excellent feedback from the participants. They shared the same during Valedictory function organised on 5th Dec 2017. The CEO of 100 Rupis .com Mr. Keerthi Kadam , Mr. Ravi Birje CEO MITTBI and many more guests attended the function . The participants who have successfully completed got certificate from DST Gov. of India, MITTBI & MITSOT.

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International Internship opportunities for MITSOT students

International internship from Addressing Homes Inc.

The students were assigned the role of Data Analyst and team lead in completion of the project. The town planning project was of utmost importance for the town of Wai as a result the municipal corporation of Wai city had extended there help to us and had a collaboration with Addressing homes to complete the project on time.During this Internship the students were given the training on data collection software and usage of the software for analyzing the collected data. Over the period of 30 days the students completed the data collection and analyzed the data of about 11000 residential houses and commercial properties

Four students of MITSOT got the Internship from company Addressing Homes in Salt Lake City, UTah, USA. The objective of this company is to give every person in the world a unique address.
They are in the process of developing GIS Addressing systems for which they are creating a pilot program that incorporates students in building addressing infrastructure and data from App based technology. MIT students are invited to build out a pilot program using GIS and App based technology to address, map and create data around the world.
The work will help many countries around the world with development, identity and economic growth. Students from Salt Lake University has collaborated with a technology college in Wai, India to help this company further their project. If their project is successful, it would provide tech forward solutions for emergency preparedness, shipping, and infrastructure for India. The company has offered this internship for our students with a stipend of about 130 $ per month. They completed the 1st phase in November and second phase will happen during our regular internship period that is April-June. During Internship the students relocated at Wai and completed the project successfully.

Ms. Sucheta Dhere’s Invited Talk on “Indian Telecom Industry and Market”

MIT School of Telecom management (MTSOT) Pune organized an invited talk by Ms. Sucheta Dhere  on 04th of December 2017 for the students of Batch 2017-19.Profile of Sucheta Dhere – She is a very technology savvy & passionate professional with around 20+ years of global experience working on cutting edge technology in Entire Telecom Wireless Ecosystem, Cloud, Systems, Embedded, IT and IOT. A Telecom, Electronics, Software & Systems engineer at heart, she has  successfully set up mobile and telecom R&D and Testing labs in Samsung R&D Bangalore(2012-2015),Vodafone Bangalore Incubator(2015-16), Anite Telecoms Bangalore(2003-2004) and Qualcomm Hyderabad (2005-2006). She has worked for Top Tier I telecom multinational companies like Vodafone, Samsung, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Alcatel, Huawei, Anite, Datang, Bose, and Sasken. She is also working as a freelance consultant from Sep 2016, in space of technology, smart cities & villages and rural India connectivity and experience working with DOT, TRAI, and MOUD, TSDSI, TCOE etc. She has travelled around 10+ countries, such as China, UK, USA, and Korea, rest of Asia for CDMA, UMTS & LTE, and IMS launches and deployments. She has experience across different Radio access technologies such as Volte, Vo- wifi, GSM, CDMA, 3G, and LTE, Wi-Fi & implemented design & development of standards for ISO7816, 3GPP, 3GPP2, IEEE-108.x, GSMA, OMA & ETSI standards. I have specialization in Layer 3 & Layer2 protocols. She has also got a vast Experience in Compliance & Conformance, certifications & accreditations with regulatory authorities & bodies including EMV compliance for SIMs. She had setup Test Circle of Excellence in Samsung – handled 22-25 different types of testing done in Wireless Telecom environment.Summary of a talk on “Indian Telecom Industry and Market” In her speech Ms. Dhere interacted with more than 100 students of MITSOT at seminar hall on a theme titled ‘Indian Telecom Industry and Market’ from 01:45pm- 3:45pm. Ms. Ami introduced the guest to the audience and invited the guest for the speech. In her speech she emphasized on the global as well as local scenario of telecom sector and had a detailed deliberation about the same. She also informed the audience about the various key stake holders involved in the eco-system of telecom sector. She mentioned that these stake holders need to Collaborate, Comply and Compatible (3C’s) with each other for the success and growth of the telecom sector. According to her even though the disruptions have introduced the change to the Indian Telecom Sector it has also introduced new challenges. She questioned the students’ in order to understand their awareness about the telecom industry. She explained about the changes experienced by the telecom sector with appropriate statistics. She added that there are various key success factors behind the success of JIO. She mentioned that management students need to understand implications of knowledge. Mr. Amit Sinha taken special effort for organizing this lecture. Ms. Akansha shared her learning before the vote of thanks. The session was formally concluded by Ms. Amanpreet who proposed vote of thanks.

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Indian Mobile Congress 2017

MIT School of Technology have got this opportunity to attend India’s first ever mobile, internet and technology event on a global scale, the Indian Mobile Congress 2017. The event provided us with an in-depth coverage of the current and future mobile industry, interaction with eminent and well known personalities of the industry, highlighting specific areas of growth as well as the latest technological developments, next generation services and growth strategies.The mobile industry in India is characterized by growth and opportunity, and as the industry changes, opportunities have increased manifold. The exhibition brought together all global stakeholders at one place in India on mobility and technology. India Mobile Congress provided an in-depth coverage of the current and future mobile industry, highlighting specific areas of growth as well as the latest technological developments, next generation services and growth strategies.Telecom is the current catalyst to all the industries and everything goes hand in hand. Opportunities are enormous and uncountable. One must learn to adapt and take benefit of the same.Technology needs to be merged with the rural development and empowerment of the world digitally. Students need to have an updated curriculum with certifications correlating to the domain they are supposed to work in. Start-up ecosystem is evolving and employees need to cultivate entrepreneurship skills. Such events are necessary for awareness and overall development of the ecosystem.

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