A Special Appreciation by MAEER Trustees For Outstanding and extraordinary Achievement of MIT Pune’s MIT School of Telecom Management

A Special Resolution was passed in the meeting of Body of Trustees of MAEER’S MIT Pune. Through this Special Resolution, 14(e)/2012- Research grant to MIT School of Telecom Management (MITSOT) Pune from ICSSR, Proposed by Adv. B. E. Avhad, Seconded by Dr. S. G. Ghaisas, Pointed out by Dr. Sunil Karad, Signed by Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, Executive President and Managing Trustee, MAEER’s MIT Pune and Carried away Unanimously, MITSOT was appreciated and congratulated for its outstanding and extraordinary Academic performance, attaining Unique Achievements and thereby ‘Developing the ‘Brand name of MAEER’s MIT Pune’.

By this Resolution, MITSOT’s overwhelming success and achievements made by its Research Team during a very short span of time, under the excellent leadership of Dr. Milind Pande, Project Director, with the valuable support provided by Dr. Sunil Karad, Executive Director and Managing Committee member of MAEER, was placed on record. It further resolved to compliment the Institute for the reward for ‘Excellence in Education’ from ASSOCHEM and Bal Bharti, India through Concern 2012 and winning the title of ‘Best Institute for Telecom Management in Western India by Big Brands Research Pvt. Ltd.

Dr.Milind Pande along with his team MITSOT is sincerely grateful to the Body of Trustee’s, MAEER’S MIT Pune, for this encouraging gesture and is ready to take it as an additional responsibility to Excel in all future endeavors.

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Written By : Milind Pande