International Internship opportunities for MITSOT students

International internship from Addressing Homes Inc.

The students were assigned the role of Data Analyst and team lead in completion of the project. The town planning project was of utmost importance for the town of Wai as a result the municipal corporation of Wai city had extended there help to us and had a collaboration with Addressing homes to complete the project on time.During this Internship the students were given the training on data collection software and usage of the software for analyzing the collected data. Over the period of 30 days the students completed the data collection and analyzed the data of about 11000 residential houses and commercial properties

Four students of MITSOT got the Internship from company Addressing Homes in Salt Lake City, UTah, USA. The objective of this company is to give every person in the world a unique address.
They are in the process of developing GIS Addressing systems for which they are creating a pilot program that incorporates students in building addressing infrastructure and data from App based technology. MIT students are invited to build out a pilot program using GIS and App based technology to address, map and create data around the world.
The work will help many countries around the world with development, identity and economic growth. Students from Salt Lake University has collaborated with a technology college in Wai, India to help this company further their project. If their project is successful, it would provide tech forward solutions for emergency preparedness, shipping, and infrastructure for India. The company has offered this internship for our students with a stipend of about 130 $ per month. They completed the 1st phase in November and second phase will happen during our regular internship period that is April-June. During Internship the students relocated at Wai and completed the project successfully.