Become a Business Leader with MITSOT’s Telecom Management Programmes

Now, framing a career has become easy with MITSOT’s MBA/PGDM programme in Telecom Management. PGDM/MBA in Telecom Management is a program that is specifically designed to develop understanding in individuals about the skills and knowledge of all the functional areas of Telecommunication.

Telecommunication, nowadays also known as Information & Communication Technology (ICT), is a very distinct industry from the FMCG industry, so it requires specialized education to effectively deal within this industry. Since it is a high-growth industry, it requires exceptional knowledge if an individual really wants to look at ICT as their future. Students taking PGDM/MBA Telecom Management classes at MITSOT enable individuals to enter stable and high growth careers.


MIT School of Telecom Management (MITSOT) is an AICTE certified Telecom Management Institute that focuses on enhancing the techno managerial skills of the students. MITSOT is a constituent of MAEER’s MIT that was established with the sole objective to create and develop professional educational facilities. Besides this, the institute is even certified with Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC). Through their superior quality education, individuals get assistance in becoming the “Business Leaders” and “Change Managers” of different industries. Moreover, MITSOT is even recognized for providing individuals with programs like Post Graduate Diploma in Management (in Marketing/HR, Finance or Telecom System), Master of Business Administration and M. Sc in International Business. Not just this, the company is even partners with various reputed firms that enable students in obtaining a bright future. So enroll today with India’s best Telecom Management Institute, MIT School of Telecom Management