Dr. Nitin Parab’s Invited Talk on Think Tomorrow -“Future Enterprise”

MIT School of Telecom management (MTSOT) Pune organized an invited talk by Dr. Nitin Parab on 1st of September 2017 for the marketing and finance students of Batch 2016-18.

Profile of Dr. Nitin Parab

Dr. Nitin is an author-strategist-evangelist. He is presently associated with Crosslink International as a founder and CEO and also the India Head for SRE- USA. He is global advisor at Adroit – Mexico- India Trade and Business and a project director at I-Watch-NGO. He is also associated with Navkar Skills Training as an advisor. Dr. Parab was also with Sakal Infotek and Sakal Printers as a Chief Operating Officer and with Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture as Chairman- MSME Council.  Dr. Parab was also associated with Indo American Society as Chairman and Editor- Publications. Dr. Parab authored 3 books till now and one more in the process of publication. Other than the books Dr. Parab holds scholarly publications presented at various conferences and symposiums. He is a coach, mentor and regular column writer for newspapers.

Summary of a talk on “Future Enterprise”

Dr. Parab addressed a gathering of more than 50 students of MITSOT at seminar hall on a theme titled Think Tomorrow -‘Future Enterprise’ from 10:45am- 12.45pm. Prof. Sangeeta Dokey welcomed him for the session and introduced him to the audience.

To begin with, Dr. Parab selected two boys and 2 girl student to know the view on what they think about tomorrow’s Business Context ,  The  students expressed their view about tomorrow and what would they like to focus on . In his address Dr. Parab emphasized on the 3 key aspects in context of future organizations. According to him these are the 3 E’s which future organizations looking for. He justified that Energy, Economics and Enterprise would be pillars of the future. He enforced on the fact that material, mental, emotional and spiritual energy are the various forms of energy which offers competitive advantage in the drastically changing environment. The constantly changing environment is going to offer three choices to the job seekers. These are Sink- because of lack of knowledge, Swim-with little knowledge and Surf- with enhancing learning attitude. In order to elaborate these perspective he shared his experiential learning with the audience. According to him, future enterprises would be small in size and would believe in collaborations and value creation. These organizations would be game changer and overshadow the ruling ones. Therefore, according to him in order to be a part of such organizations the job seekers must know the process and stages of transformation.

Dr. Parab also spoke about inside view of the future enterprise, characteristics of future employees and characteristics of future manager. He provided a systematic approach for the future organizations that focuses on LURE i.e. Learn, Unlearn, Re-learn and experience.  In order to justify his thought process he quoted relevant examples of the world’s renowned organizations to name a few Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, and Redbus. He highlighted the importance of continuous learning in the context of entrepreneurship. He concluded the session by mentioning a case emphasizing on Akshay Kumar.

The session was formally concluded by the Deputy GS of student cabinet, Mr. Aman Mohgaonkar who proposed the vote of thanks.