Dr. Shalaka Shah’s Invited Talk on “Competency development for the placement purpose”

MIT School of Telecom management (MTSOT) Pune organized an invited talk by International Faculty, Dr. Shalaka Shah on 2nd of September 2017 for the students of Batch 2017-19.Profile of Dr. Shalaka Shah – Dr. Shalaka Shah is an Adjunct Faculty for Competence Development and a Business Excellence Researcher at Steinbeis School of International Business & Entrepreneurship (SIBE), Germany. She has earned a doctorate in Pedagogy & Psychology for the topic of work-life balance and career success. She has done double Master degree in Psychology of Excellence Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU), Munich Germany and in Counseling Psychology from SNDT University Pune. She is a licensed KODE® & SCA ® competence trainer approved by Steinbeis University, Berlin. The competence license is widely accepted across Europe. She is the first Indian to hold this license. Dr. Shah has an experience of psychological testing and counseling for over a decade. She delivers lectures, conducts workshops on the topics of work life management and competence development. Dr. Shah is the creator of Work-life360o audit’ program one of its kind in India. Some of her renowned beneficiaries include Central Bank of India Insurance Institute of India, SGS India Pvt. Ltd., Samvit School of Infrastructure and Business. She endeavors to research topics like work life balance, competency development and business leadership education. She aims to co-operate with international universities and/or companies. Dr. Shah holds scholarly publications presented at various conferences and symposiums.Summary of a talk on “Competency development for the placement purpose”

Dr. Shalaka Shah addressed a gathering of more than 100 Students of MITSOT Batch (2017-19) at seminar hall on a theme titled “Competency development” from 10:00 am to 12:00pm. Prof. Sangeeta Dokey welcomed her for the session and introduced her to the audience. Dr. Shalaka Shah emphasized on capitalizing the student’s strengths and knowing their weaknesses. She also conducted the ‘employability check’ activity wherein the assessment of each individual was made from the view point of neighbour student sitting him/her. The Assessment sheet included 16  management competencies points on which the students were rated. She spoke about the importance of how a person carries, conducts himself/herself, and behaves in the norms of the employment. Hands on experience through projects and competencies go hand-in-hand. She shared her experience of “Germany” that how being competent, confident, making right decisions at the right time, communication skills and having knowledge of the language helped her in that particular situation. Coming out of your comfort zone, know yourself well was the lesson. She focused on The person’s capacity to execute tasks.  Competencies is the combination  of  ‘Qualifications, Knowledge and Right attitude’.  Network  for yourself  and  for  your  company. Have the awareness of the corporate. It is important to choose what information you want to convert it into knowledge.Competencies are the abilities to act and react in a self- organized creative way in the face of new non predictable open situations. Doing same things in a new way is one of  the aspect. She concluded the session with a video which changed our perspective towards the story of A Rabbit and the Tortoise. The interpretation was wonderfully done. The session was formally concluded by Ms. Anjali Dande who proposed vote of thanks.