Dr. Suresh Borkar visited MITSOT from 5th August to 12th August.

Dr. Borkar  is a member of the faculty in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago. He is President of Telek Solutions, a knowledge share company, and also a Senior Principal Investigator with Roberson and Associates, a technology and management company based in Chicago.He conducted formal classes with PGDM Systems Senior batch on “Career Management in ICT “from 5th August to 11th August. The deliberations emphasized on the current trends and practices of ICT utilization further the lecture has also covered the career prospects related to ICT.  The key aspect of the session was also emphasizing on leveraging differentiation and competitive advantage through ICT. The traditional career model was introduced first. The current emphasis on silo developments with platform based solutions is covered and the associated roles and responsibilities from testing to customer management are identified. Soft skills, e.g., teamwork, decision making, and the imperative of being solutions oriented are emphasized. In the coming future, the need for multi-disciplinary solutions based on thematic approach to meet the requirements for smart City applications are discussed. He also gave some insights on IoT solution requiring skills in areas of massive data crunching and operating in collaborative global teams.On 11th August he conducted an MDP session for Industry Delegates on “Artificial Intelligence – The Growth Engine”. It was very much appreciated by the Industry delegates because of its novel and relevant content with special reference to the given Industry context.

On 12th August he addresses the PGDM Junior Systems batch on New Telecom Technologies.