Ex-Capt Subash Krishnan’s Invited Talk on “Current Business Environment”

MIT School of Telecom management (MTSOT) Pune organized an invited talk by Ex-Capt Subash Krishnan on 16th of September 2017 for the students of Batch 2017-19.

Profile of Ex-Capt Subash Krishnan – As an Army Officer with the Infantry, have demonstrated the mental and physical robustness and leadership skills to command and lead troops in operations at the LOC, as well as in inter formation professional competitions, war games and large scale training exercises. Over ten years with Bennett Coleman and Co., publishers of The Times of India and The Economic Times, with an outstanding track record in terms of growth and market share. A powerful speaker, have delivered workshops for both professionals and students with consistently excellent feedback as a facilitator. He has conducted several workshops on Public Speaking and Presentation skills, Effective Communication, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Business Writing, Personal Effectiveness, Leadership, Group Discussion and Interview Techniques, Introduction to media.Summary of a talk on “Current Business Environment”

Mr.Subash Krishnan addressed a gathering of more than 90 students of MITSOT (Batch-2017-2019) at seminar hall from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on a theme titled “Current Business Environment”. Prof. Sangeeta Dokey welcomed him for the session and introduced him to the audience. He specially focused on the aspect called––General awareness of the business environment among the students. According to him general awareness of the business environment helps students in occupying good positions in the corporate and discharge important responsibilities. He further differentiated between people being more successful and less successful managers and emphasized that successful managers are have more awareness of business environment. This awareness helps in enhancing their competencies, modifies their approach toward a problem, improves their performances and helps them in adapting the change. This awareness also enhances their risk taking abilities. He also emphasized on the patterns of changes occurring and how important it is to update for the students as learning is an ‘On Going Process’.

He further conducted the activity wherein he displayed 20 odd questions on the screen one by one and asked us to answer them. Later all the questions were being discussed for the topics like – BRICS, Demonetization, Vishal Sikka and Narayan Murthy Issue to name a few. He mentioned that adapting the changes, dealing with complexities and addressing the competition would be the challenges in future, so be ready in advance for the uncertainties.

The session was an Eye Opener for all the students. The session was concluded by Mr. Chaitanya Deshmukh who proposed vote of thanks.