Experience shared by Placed Students

Deval Naik from Reliance Industries Ltd. wrote:

After sitting on wooden desk for 18 years, I am sitting on cushion rolling chair. First day of my life in Office, I was just wandering what to do and what not…! Bit confused and bit excited.. Journey of the Education is now over but still I am feeling lot more things are here to learn. I had great experience of learning on academics now it’s time to apply these knowledge. But still it’s just starting point of new era of life. Lots of ups and down. But always learn from it. I always kept in mind steering is in my hand of life. Keep learning & learning..

Deval Naik
Reliance Industries Ltd.Mumbai

Sourabh Shah From Redington India Pvt Ltd wrote:

I join Redington India Pvt ltd at Chennai after such a wonderful
training provided by company I was Assigned to handle Complete One SBU thats is Networking & power at Vadodra .

In my Corporate life i  use so much knowledge which i got from our
College like Self Discpline , Punctualtiy , as well as Managment
Specially Academic  trend help me a lot….. in Company.
I think whatever we did in our  PGDM life we accept same thing in
different manner .

At last I want to say very hearty thanks to Whole MIT SOT family
including Director Sir,Academic, Non Academic, placement, Department

Miss u guys Alot….
Thanks & Regards
Sourabh Shah


Krishan Gurawariya from Virtusa India Pvt Ltd. wrote:

On 13th june 2011, I joined Virtusa india pvt ltd. I am in chennai ATC (Advance technology centre).  As a Engineer-Specialist I joined virtusa. Right now I am in delivery team of British Telecom.  At British telecom (BT) UK,  designation given to me is Business Analyst. We are handling many projects of British Telecom (UK). Corporate enviroment of virtusa is really very good. At Chennai ATC, I feel proud to be an part of MITSOT, Pune. Their valuable guidance & support gives me right direction to grow in corporate world.

Krishan Gurawariya

Dushyant V. Shinganapure from ESS wrote:

It was nice to spend valuable two years of my life with MITSOT, I had many positive and negative experiences in these life span which had given me lot of knowledge and courage to face life with a positive attitude.
I would like to thank the whole teaching and non-teaching staff of MITSOT to be a part of my journey and to guide me on each and every step of life.
Thank to help me to get a start with my professional career.
I had been placed in ENHANCED SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LTD. and presently I am working with TATA TECHNOLOGIES on JAGUAR LAND ROVER project. I have IT Service Management profile where in we design work flows and processes of companies IT Services. We design, customize and implement the IT solutions
for the companies.

Thanks and Regards,
Dushyant V. Shinganapure

Sunit Lele From Sai Infosystems Pvt Ltd. wrote:

Thanks for giving me such a nice platform to start my career and all your support.

Sunit Lele
Sai Infosystems Pvt Ltd.