“HR Summit 2016”



Considering the gap in the demand and supply of the Telecom & Management Professionals, an initiative was taken by MIT Group of Institutions in its Silver Jubilee Year about 8 years back.  Established on 1st August 2007, MIT School of Telecom & Management Studies has been striving to groom outstanding business leaders and creative Entrepreneurs, capable of excelling in a rapidly changing, and dynamic world.

HR Summit, 2016 is an event that provides a platform to discuss on the skills that drive the businesses. This conference is a forum for industry and academia to exchange thoughts and ideas on emerging business issues. Conference is structured as a Corporate Panel Discussion followed by Question Answer session.

Highlights of the HR Summit:

1.Panel Discussion on the topic “ Impact of Social media ,Technology on HR/HR practices”

2.Mind Freaks Quibble Contest

3.Games: Flash Quiz and Espirit De-Corps

4.Open Panel Discussion on the topic “Rejuvenating HR practices & Processes using Social Media”

Overall 15 Keynote speakers with rich experience from different Industries were invited to share their views  on the auspicious occasion of  HR summit 2016 on 8th October 2016. The Summit was started with the Welcome Address by the Project Director MITSOT –Dr. Milind Pande and the felicitation of all the dignitaries. Then an inspiring speech was given by Mr. Abhay Valsankar. He spoke on the 3 generation which have rolled out i.e. Transformation, Tangible, Transition through Social Media. Then Mr. Raghunath Kale talked about the changing scenario of the HR World. He advised on adopting technology to create high performance of the organisation. Miss Deepti Deshpande was next, she spoke on how industry is connecting through social media. Next was Mr. Aditya Bhagwat spoke on online job opportunities. Mr. Santosh Halke  enlightened us on how to manage stress and fight our fears. Up next was Mr. Vinod Bidwaik who asked us to keep the employees connected through social media diversity inclusion and artificial intelligence.  Mr. Srinivasan Iyer enriched us about mobile recruitment and reverse weapon “What comes fast goes fast and Mr. Ashish Nagpurkar explained how social image can be a problem, performance management system, face to face connect and consultancy dependency goes down.

                                          Inspiring speech was given by Mr. Abhay Valsankar.

The event was continued with a panel discussion among the dignitaries on “Impact of Social Media”. The event further was continued with Mind Freaks Quibble Contest and following students were declared as winners I.   Usha Jain & Julie Singh II. Rohit Bgmar & Shewta Singh

Panel Discussion on the topic “ Impact of Social media ,Technology on HR/HR practices”
Open Panel Discussion on the topic “Rejuvenating HR practices & Processes using Social Media”

Students also participated as Panelist in Open Panel discussion on the theme” Rejuvenation HR Practices & Process using  Social Media”. The Moderators of different groups were Mr. Ashish Nagpurkar (Assistant General Manager – Polycab), Ms. Juhi Shah(Senior Manager – Human Resources – Netmagic Solutions), Ms. Renuka Krishna (Ex-Vice President Talent Acquisition – KPIT), Ms. Supriya Pujari (HR Consultant – Suzlon), Ms. Suanshu Malik (HR Business Partner – Master Card) and Mr. Chaitanya Halbe (Assistant Manager – Volkswagen)

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Ms. Sumanjit Mattu, Ms. Usha Jain, Ms. Aishwarya Pardeshi and Ms.Shruti Shristava bag the prize of best speaker of the group.