“Huge unused potential for Digital Media Business Ideas” – MITSOT Students Conduct Research on Internet

Students from MIT School of Telecom Management conducted psychoanalysis of Generation-Z on Internet & Data usage.  The research is conducted with the sample size of 1,200 across few states of India. The respondents were questioned personally to understand mobile application usage trend, most popular application and reason for being used more frequently, source of information for the popular application, role of mobile application in improvising the women’s safety and parental health checkup. Dr. Milind Pande, Project Director, MIT Group of Institutions observed that there are some eye-openers with regards to this study. The Generation-Z, which consists of youth in the age group between 18-22 years, is now swiftly moving towards becoming a matured Internet usage group.

Prof. Malhar Pangikar, Assistant Professor was guide for this research.

With the research the students came to know about female respondents that only 63 per cent were having applications related to women’s safety. So there is scope for such powerful application development in future. The purpose of initiating such studies is to give a definitive direction to young students, who want to be entrepreneurs.

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