Industrial visit to Indus Towers,Pune

Management is all about practical implications of the theoretical concepts. In regards to this we students of MBA System, III Semester visited ‘Indus Towers Limited’ which is India’s largest telecom tower company. This visit was organized by “MITSOT” on 21st August 2017 and accompanied by the faculty coordinators (Dr. Nutan Nigade, Ms Dipti Mandke).The group of students along with faculty members reached the warehouse by 11am. After giving the briefing of the rules and guidelines to be followed, the students were taken to the actual plant.An introductory session was conducted by Mr. Ashwin Tikale( Telecom System Head) Who provided us very useful information about  5 pillars of Indus towers

  • Excellence, Integrity, Team work, Environment care (to reduce use of diesel as their power back) and Safety (safety shoes /helmets for all the employees are compulsory).

Mentioned about various alarms on site which are maintained through software solutions and also the working of Vodafone BTS. The overall experience was worth learning which expanded our knowledge and provided hands on experience of the telecom tower site. We felicitated Mr Ashwin Tikale & thanked him at the end of Visit.