Industrial visit to Whirlpool

On Tuesday, 5th August 2014, Students of MITSOT from Marketing Batch  2014-16 visited WHIRLPOOL manufacturing plant, situated at Ranjangaon, MIDC, Pune.Whirlpool has three plants all over India, Pune, Faridabad and Pondicherry. The Pune plant manufactures Refrigerators. Pune plant is the only plant that whirlpool has made itself, other two plant were acquired through merger and acquisition.The company was formed in collaboration with KELVINATOR international corporation, USA for the manufacture of refrigerator compressor.


The company is present in 170 different countries. Whirlpool was established in 1911, and came in India in 1997. The plant layout is according to three types of refrigerators i.e. single door (180-220 ml), double door (250ml) and multidoor(500ml) .In year 2010 maximum  sale of refrigerators happened from this plant.


The plant layout consist of  Belt conveyor, simple conveyor and trim and weld lines. The technology used in these refrigerators are DC(direct cooling) &  FC(forced cooling) i.e. no ice is formed around the interior of the refrigerator. FREEON is used as a refrigerant(CF2CL2). It is used and worked on convection. DART process is used as a basic terminology i.e. dry air rated temperature. In a day under first shift, 1300 refrigerators are manufactured. The warehouse is at the end of the factory.


The visit was informative & we all learnt the functions of a basic manufacturing unit. At the end the Company Guide  was felicitated by Prof. AMOL GAWANDE, who was coordinating the students for the visit.