Industry Visit – National Stock Exchange Mumbai

National Stock Exchange (Mumbai), 18th July 2017

MITSOT had arranged an industry visit to National Stock Exchange (NSE), Mumbai on 18th July 2017 for the Finance students of Batch 2016-18 along with the faculty members Mr. Bharat Ayachit, Mr. Rishabh Jain & Ms Sunita Ghule.

National Stock Exchange is located in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, which is known as a finance hub of Mumbai. Various banks, NBFCs and the financial institutions have their headquarters in Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC).

NSE welcome all of us with high tea & cookies. It was a beautiful ambiance inside the NSE.

Students learnt about the history of the NSE. How it evolved from its inception since 1992. Students also got to know about Forex Trading, Equity Market, Commodities Market & Derivatives Market and how it interrelated to each other.

For forex trading they have various currencies like USD, Euro, Japanese Yen & Britain Sterling Pound. Each one of these market opens at different time hence events of one market has a positive or adverse effect on the other market.

The speaker also spoke about the importance of knowledge of stock market and how NSE conducts various certification courses which is available on their official website, and how these courses can benefit to the students in terms of learning & trading in various markets.

Mr. Vishal from NSE throw some light on the bubble which took place in United States, what an extremely negative impact of it on the Indian stock market and how Indians lost their crores of rupees during this crises.

At the end of the session students asked so many questions and they get fulfilled with the answers given by the speaker. The speaker was felicitated by Mr. Bharat Ayachit.

MITSOT staff & all the students had the group photos along with the speaker Mr. Vijay, Mr. Anil Jawaharani (Manager).