Management Development Programme with PROF. DR. SURESH BORKAR, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, USA



In order for the Indian industry to compete successfully and excel in the competitive global environment, it is an imperative for managers and engineers to effectively initiate and manage the technology of the future. Broad application of such technologies across India will be a great leveler for closing the rural and urban technology divide. Key areas of development in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry are likely to be driven by smart city, Internet of Things (IOT), and ubiquitous computing applications.

This will entail acquisition, processing / analysis, communication, and dissemination of large amounts of heterogeneous data. Major areas of coverage and challenges are in managing the multimedia data and traffic; integrating distributed heterogeneous and dynamic databases; understanding scientific, social, legal, and human behavior aspects of smart city technologies; designing and realizing ubiquitous and pervasive networking infrastructure, handling trust-worthy embedded systems, and formulating technology/human friendly policies.

This MDP will focus on need for developing comprehensive interdisciplinary thematic expertize in our engineers and managers for business success in the industry of the future. The workforce needs to be imparted with multi-disciplinary and broad-based knowledge not only in the technology issues but also in societal and legal challenges associated with the business environment of the future. 

The workforce will be required to successfully manage transformative and disruptive technologies, collaboration building, Entrepreneurship, and succeeding in an environment of multidisciplinary global and diverse teams. The attributes of influencers and change agents will be covered as India and the rest of the world marches relentlessly towards the smart technologies of the future.

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