Marketing Manthan 2017

The grand event of MIT School of Technology & Management ‘Marketing Manthan 3’ was celebrated with grandeur and dignity, for the third year in a row. Like the previous years the event saw wholehearted and enthusiastic participation from MITSOT students across all specializations.This year the entire event – right from conceptualization to execution – was driven by the students, with peripheral support and guidance of faculty members. It is a matter of great pride for MITSOT that the students successfully executed the event which saw some very innovative concepts and competitions. Students from various colleges were invited to participate in competitions and events at MITSOT campus.‘Korbo, Lodbo, Jeetbo’ was a competition, loosely based on the concept of treasure hunt but with an interesting twist which required quick thinking and snap decisions on part of the participants. ‘LemonSquiz’ was another unique concept which required teams of two each. This combined the skills of balancing a lemon on a spoon, along with quick, rapid-fire GK questions. The team answering the quiz questions faster ended up being the winner of the race.‘Mitsot Haat’  the mini ‘fun-fare’ cum marketplace for the third year drew crowds who were delighted to see a variety of goods, eatables as well as games and amusements. This is an activity aimed at encouraging and promoting the entrepreneurial skills among the students. The stalls were all run by the students who were excited to be a part of this unique festival. The best-run stall was given a special award.‘MadAD’ competition required the participating teams to prepare video advertisements on some non-existent products which were pre-decided. The event put to test the creativity, imagination and presentation skills of the participants. It was a delight to see the end-result wherein the participating students came out with some very unique concepts and contents, combining humour and various advertising appeals. The students.The third and last day of ‘Marketing Manthan 3’ saw a debate competition where the competitors were pitted against each other, debating on several current topics of public interest mostly  related to business and economy. Students found this to be a great platform not only to discuss some relevant topics of interest, but also to put across views and opinions in front of a sizeable and excited audience.The students also got an opportunity to listen to and interact with some top marketing professionals from the industry. The students campaigned for and promoted the ‘Marketing Manthan 3 ’ both online and offline. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter were used extensively to create awareness and generate interest.

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