Marketing Manthan – Grand Marketing Summit


MAEER was the first step of the revolution in the education scenario of Maharashtra. Maharashtra, the third largest state in the country, with a rich heritage, known as the land of saints and also, the one which gave great leaders to the world had yet to progressed in the field of education.

This realization embarked the journey of MAEER – in 1983 with the establishment of Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the first private engineering colleges in Maharashtra which still remains the flagship institute of the group.

MIT School of Telecom, has traversed the path of rapid development in education, along with the nation, often responding positively to changed needs and at times initiating significant changes. We have evolved in the last thirty five years by overcoming tough hurdles set more by limitations of thinking in that era, rather than lack of ability, to arrive at a point where we can explore the vastness of knowledge and possibilities on the global canvas.

Along the same lines, we are organizing a Grand Marketing Summit in our Pune campus. The Summit will be for 3 days from 8thof October till 10th Oct. We have planned a gala opening on 8thOct with a Quiz “FinQuest” to be followed by some outstanding events and finally the Brainstorming sessions, Prize Distribution and Corporate Panel Discussion to mark the end of a wonderful beginning.

The highlights being the:

8thOctober: – HDB Finquest & MITSOT Haat (For Students Participation)
9thOctober: – Back With the Bang, Content Development, RS.100 Bizz and Print Advertisement (For Students Participation)
10thOctober: – Panel Discussion & Felicitation Ceremony (Corporate Dignitaries, Experts from the Field and Marketing Veterans)

To be precise, it’s a complete event for everyone from Academics, Corporate, and knowledge gainers, entertainment seekers, with an added opportunity to look for the latest happenings in the arena of marketing. Almost all the prestigious organizations are taking part in this grand event.