MIT School of Telecom Management (MITSOT), the Best Institution for Telecom Management in India

MIT School of Telecom Management (MITSOT) is one of the best institutions for telecom management in India. The institution is approved by AICTE and Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC). It is an affiliated management institution that is focused on Telecom Management. The organization was established in 2007 and has proved out to be an excellent education centre. It is considered as a premiere learning place in the country that has record of delivering some of the brightest and best students. The college also offers MBA in telecom management in Pune. In this programme, students are taught to develop knowledge, skill and understanding in various functional areas of Telecommunication, also known as Information & Communication Technology (ICT). The requirement of communication industry is quite different from any other industry; hence, the programmes that are provided by the college are to meet up the industrial standard.

MITSOT understands the fact that how important it is to bring some effective changes in the existing course of telecom management. Hence, they recognize the limitation and with an intention to keep up with the changing scenario of global business, the institution is offering PGDM in telecom in Pune. The course has a strong academic curriculum which is of 2 years duration. There are specializations available in system, finance, and marketing. The course of PGDM in telecom has open doors of opportunity in various fields such as banking, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, government, IT, and many more