MITSOT Foundation Day Celebration 1st August 2017

It was a privilege for the Team MITSOT (Hon. Executive Director, Hon. Project Director, Faculty members, Staff and Students) to celebrate 10th Foundation Day of MITSOT. This celebration happened on 1st August 2017. The celebration began with a business quiz conducted for the faculty and staff members. This quiz was hosted by Prof. Shashank Diwekar and Prof. Amit Sinha. It was a tough fight for both group A and group B which was finally won by group B. Further, the celebration was continued by revisiting the MITSOT video.Dr. Yogesh Bhalerao (Principal, MIT AOE) attended the celebration as an esteemed guest who shared his experience with MITSOT and his feelings towards Dr. Milind Pande (Hon. Project Director MITSOT). His speech was followed by felicitation of dedicated staff and faculty members. Mr. Arun Patil, Mr. Avinash Patil, Ms. Rekha Phathak, Mr. Shikant and Prof. Rajashri Kadam were felicitated for their dedicated contributions. Prof. Suhrudh, Prof. Jaideep, Mr. Arun Patil and Mr. Avinash Patil shared their feelings about MITSOT.In his brief speech Dr. Milind Pande (Hon. Project Director MITSOT) discussed various aspects related to inception and journey of MITSOT. In his speech he has discussed about prospects and challenges of MITSOT. He mentioned that the united effort of everyone and timely achievements (like NIRF ranking) have helped MITSOT in creating its niche. He also mentioned about his expectations from the MITSOT team and mentioned that the team need to take the organization at new heights.Prof. Divekar was master of ceremony. Prof. Sharayu Patil has taken efforts in making the celebration memorable one. The MITSOT team members captured memories of the ceremony by having snaps with Hon. Project director. Mr. Utkastsh (Systems Student Batch-2017-19) clicked wonderful snaps of the ceremony.

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