Achieving yet another milestone of commitment to Telecom Skills Development, MIT Pune’s MIT School of Telecom Management got conducted a “Faculty Train the Trainer” program for Telecom Sector Skills Council (TSSC) job roles of Service Provider (Sales and Marketing).

 This TSSC aligned Faculty Development Workshop Program was delivered by Telecom Specialist, Mr. Rishi Kappal, to a batch of 9nos. faculty members of  MITSOT. This “Train the Trainer” program included presentations, assessment centre led exercises and role plays. Post the workshop, MITSOT faculty underwent an industry accredited TSSC assessment of online MCQs, video based presentation skills demonstration and master trainer facilitation assessment.

With such a robust TSSC assessment, each and every knowledge and content delivery element of participants was put to test. It was a very proud moment for MITSOT to receive the results on 12th March 2014, whereby all the faculty members successfully cleared the TSSC assessment to get certified asTrainers for Telecom Sales and Marketing Job Roles.

In December 2013, MITSOT became the first academic management institute to be accredited by TSSC for sales and marketing job roles.  This trainer certification further cements the commitment TSSC and MITSOT have for mutual skill development initiatives. Apparently, MITSOT now is INDIA’S FIRST AND ONLY TELECOM MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE WITH TSSC CERTIFIED FACULTY for Telecom Sales and Marketing job roles.

With the TSSC affiliation to run approved academic programs and now having TSSC certified faculty for conducting the same, MITSOT is gearing up to offer their first batch of telecom students for TSSC assessment, by end of March 2014.

MITSOT expresses its sincere gratitude towards TSSC’s leadership and operations team. This first step taken together by TSSC and MITSOT is the beginning of a long term strategic vision, which will be scaling up skilled telecom professionals in India.