MITSOT Students Batch (2016-18) visited the District Court

All  students from MITSOT Batch 2016-18  visited the District Court on 14th & 15th Sept, 2017. The students were accompanied by Faculty Prof. Suhurd Neurgoankar, Dr. Rashmi Paranjpye,     Dr. Nutan Nigde and Dr.Neerja Aswale.The visit was permitted by the Registrar of the District Court. The day started with a brief note given to the students about the court and court rooms by Advocate J.B. Mane, Advocate F.D. Jadhav,Deputy Secretary ,MAHA-RERA Pune. The students visited various courts , including Civil ,Criminal,Family, Special . After visiting various court rooms gaining immense insight in the world of litigation the group was accompanied to designated court specially for offence related to women and child.The visit came to an end in the evening with a thanks giving note to Advocate J.B. Mane, Advocate F.D. Jadhav for enlightening the students.