MITSOT – Student’s review on SwingTel MID

Deepak Seth (Marketing)

We are really get pleasure that we got MID (Mobile Internet Device). This is coming in our use. It so friendly that we can bring it easily and use Wi-fi with this advantage there are lot of application are available.

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Neeraj Kumar (Marketing)

This device is very helpful for the students, especially for those who don’t have personal PC. It is easier to take with our self to college or anywhere else (in compare of laptop). It is 3G Device, so its processing is very fast. It has Wi-fi, so we can connect to internet through it in our college. All other application are available in it like Audio player, Video player, PDF Reader, Internet browser. Since it’s a android tablet, so we can download lots of application from android store. Though their are some students who have their own laptop and they don’t use Swingtel tablet much but they have an option. So, I think its very useful for us in our Academics.


Roshan Dhote (Marketing)

By giving MID (Mobile Internet Device) MITSOT takes one step ahead in enhancing the learning methodology in the institute with its user friendly approach and ease to use made it unique device for betterment of e-learning device. It comes with ‘Android 2.2’  platform which contains more than 20,000 application are there to help in learning in advance ways features makes it differentiate than other device. I think there is scope of improvement in every technology. So, I suggest high processing speed  is required.



Annriban Bhattacharya (System)

The MID (Mobile Internet Device) is complete cool gadget with very small size and is completely user friendly. As it is very handy, I can use it while I travel anywhere.


Jatin Patel (System)

On daily basis, it is very useful because I can work out with many applications and also very light weighted. I have internet to make application, so it is very useful to me to research for android application.


Harshavardhan (System)

MID (Mobile Internet Device) is very useful for us for reading eBooks and latest update in Telecom world by accessing net through it. PDF player in it is very useful for reading PDF’s. It is very handy to use and carry anywhere we go. Latest application like currency calculator and financial calculator are very useful while studding accounting.