MITSOT’s First International Alumni Meet

Mitsot’s First International Alumni meet held at Hotel Asha, oud Mehta Road, Wafi City, Dubai (a restaurant by legendary singer Asha Bhosle) on 25th Sept. 2012.

from left to right Mr Aman Dhaliwal, Mohd. Sohrab Ansari ,, Mr Shrijan Somvanshi, Mr Imran Ghadiyali, Dr Milind Pande,Dr.Sunil Karad and Mr.Nakshtra Attrish Tyagi

More than 13 alumni attended this meet. Executive Director of MIT Group of Institutions Dr. Sunil Karad and Project Director of MITSOT Dr Milind Pande interacted with the alumni on this occasion.

The Alumni’s contributed by sharing vital inputs over the industry requirements and suggested appropriate changes in the course curriculum. They also shared their own personal experiences and their journey towards corporate success.

Mitsot alumni Mr Aman Dhaliwal,Mohd. Sohrab Ansari ,Mr Abhijit Rathi , Mr Shrijan Somvanshi, Mr Imran Ghadiyali, Mr.Nakshtra Attrish Tyagi and Mr Nirmal Vijayan attended this meet.

from left to right Dr Sunil Karad, Mr Aman Dhaliwal and Mr Nirmal Vijayan
from right to left Mr Imran Ghadiyali ,Mr Abhijit Rathi, ,Mohd. Sohrab Ansari ,Mr.Nakshtra Attrish Tyagi and Mr Shrijan Somvanshi


Written By : Milind Pande