Mr. Anand Munshi’s Invited Talk on “Paradigms for Peak Performance”

MIT School of Telecom management (MTSOT) Pune organized an invited talk by Mr. Anand Munshi on 9th of September 2017 for the students of Batch 2017-19.Profile of Mr. Anand Munshi – Anand Munshi is a mechanical engineer who pursued his management education in computer science and finance specialization. Further he also had his future education with MIT in e-commerce and programming. He is a Futurist, Management Thinker and Success Coach having more than 15 years of experience in Strategic Consulting for internationally reputed Telecom & Financial Institutes. He is Peak Performance Author & Corporate Coach with focus on Thought Leadership & Business Transformation. He consults US Fortune 500 & British MNCs to develop mind-set for excellence. His Engaging & Thought Provoking Modules are designed based on years of research on Fundamental Success Principles of Employee Engagement and Empowerment to bring Sustainable & Meaningful Competitive Edge. He reaches over 20 million readers everyday with his Life-Coach Columns. At present he works as FOUNDER & DIRECTOR at Paradigms for Peak Performance, Melbourne. Australia. He has traveled all across the globe as a speaker, thought leader corporate coach business consultant and peak performance expert. His areas of expertise are employee engagement, leaders’ empowerment and organizational transformation. He is India’s most searched Motivational Speaker & Corporate Coach in Google in 2016. He is the only Indian author who incorporated Peak Performance with Personal Effectiveness & Business Transformation. He has written 5 books and speaks 4 languages. He contributes to academia by conducting workshops on 7 modules titled Personal Effectiveness, Lateral Leadership, Employee Engagement & Empowerment, Customer Centricity, Sales Business Transformation, and Innovation & Competitive Edge. These modules are developed after 20 years of international research and competitive intelligence.Summary of a talk on “Paradigms for Peak Performance”Mr. Munshi addressed a gathering of more than 120 students of MITSOT (Batch-2017-19) at seminar hall on a theme titled ‘Paradigms for Peak Performance’ from 10:45am- 12.45pm. Prof. Sangeeta Dokey welcomed him for the session and introduced him to the audience. In his address Mr. Munshi emphasized on various aspects related to self-management for improving individual’s own performance. According to him it is the sense of meaningful incompleteness that leads to peak performance. Further he also mentioned that individuals’ having better control on their own actions are leading the world. He appealed all the tsudents that at this stage of Post-graduation they should start taking their own decisions and also taking the responsibility of their own decisions.   He emphasized that habits like being decisive and being in present are the keys for being peak performer. According to him fixing error on time, less dependence on technology as well individuals and not giving excuses are the essentials to be a peak performer. He added that VUCA-volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are the characteristics of the future. He justified that great readers are great leaders. He mentioned that adapting the changes, dealing with complexities and addressing the competition would be the challenges for future. He asked students not to get trapped by fear of failure, poor self-image and negative conditioning as future is not leap of logic it’s leap of faith. All students enjoyed the session very much .The session was concluded by Ms. Saloni Saxena who proposed vote of thanks.