Mr. Kamlesh Jagdale’s Invited Talk on “How to prepare for the campus interviews”

On 18th November, 2017 a guest lecture was conducted by Mr. Kamlesh Jagdale for the students of MITSOT, batch 2017-19 on the aforementioned topic.  Profile of Mr. Kamlesh Jagdale – Mr. Kamlesh Jagdale is a young and energetic HR professional who is specialized in Campus Recruitment of Engineers and Management Grads across India from IIMs, IITs and Top Regional Colleges.  He has completed his education from Indira Global Business School, Pune and handled diversified portfolio having cross industry exposure to Automobile (Piaggio), Engineering (TATA Technologies) and IT (Veritas Software Technologies) sectors. He is associated with Veritas Software Technologies, India as University Recruiter’. As ‘University Recruiter’ he is accountable for all the campus recruitment related activities including planning, organizing and implementing it. He is accountable for execution of full cycle of University Recruitment events held across India. He also visits various management institutes as a keynote industry and motivational speaker organized for students.Summary of a talk on “How to prepare for the campus interviews”

Mr. Jagdale started the session by elaborating about the important aspects related with the recruitment process. During the session he mentioned that preparation of resume is one of the important aspect that is taken into consideration as it is the documented description about ability of the students. He mentioned that the resume has to be to the point as it brings more clarity to the reader. Justifying your resume is one of the important aspect of any interview process. Another aspect which students need to work on is planning. Many a times the recruiters provide practical problems from the corporate world and ask the candidates to provide probable solution. Using Time matrix for prioritization help in such scenarios. This matrix works on the basis of urgent, important, not urgent and not important.The ability which is taken in to consideration at the time of interview is decision making ability. This ability is judged upon the approach and the reason to justify. The communication skill is another parameter that is considered during interview. He suggested that that one should be able to communicate effectively in order to convey his or her thoughts to the interviewer. Written communication is equally important. Ability to Influence is another aspect as it underlines the X factor candidate possess for the interviewer. Elevator speech is a concept which helps in influencing effectively in a short span of time. Various recruiters also check the analytical abilities of the candidates by asking them to analyze data. It is expected that the candidate should have a brief idea about the company which indicates candidate’s interest in the organization. One must ensure that he/she has visited the company’s website before the interview. Mr. Amit Sinha taken special efforts for organizing this guest lecturer, Mr. Nikhil Mhaske introduced the guest. Ms. Sunita proposed vote of thanks. Ms. Dhanashree taken special efforts for preparing the report.