Ms. Priyanka Pathak’s Invited Talk On “Career Guidance & Placement orientation for HR students”

MIT School of Telecom management (MTSOT) Pune organized an invited talk by Priyanka Pathak on 16thof September 2017 for the HR specialization students of Batch 2017-19.

Profile of Report on Priyanka Pathak’s Invited Talk

As a perfect blend of what a professional person should look like Ms Priyanka Pathak possess clear and visible traits and capabilities which a self made person should be in utmost need and it’s not a one day exercise and having such hands on experience in various industry one automatically need to be mentally and psychologically prepared and this only makes journey of one’s life more easier. Ms. Priyanka Pathak  hails from Madhya Pradesh and her first job was as field distributor in Nestle company as she possess management degree in Marketing domain (2009 – 2011) and she also possess MPM Degree from Pune University. She made a switch to HR domain and had also worked in Tata Motors as talent acquisition or in recruitment related role during initial days. Presently, she is working in Landmark Group as in Training and Development role and within one month she would be going to take Learning and Development role in Bajaj Finance.

Summary of a talk on “Career Guidance & Placement orientation for HR students”

The aim of discussion was to create awareness amongst the students about the core competencies on the basis of which a candidate is judged. The discussion emphasized on people skill and soft skills which are essential in order to succeed in HR domain. Further the session also addressed about the gap between the concepts that an individual learns and what the industry practices and understanding business scenarios will surely create a success path for students. The other major chunk of learning that the session focused was on being more aware about the surroundings and analyzing the business. One of the key take away of the session was to be open minded in the corporate world and be ready to devote into learning processes as attaining certain hands on experience leads to performance in short run and preferences in long run. The speaker mentioned that the journey of an HR trainee or manager revolves around recruitment which is the essence of HR domain along with this revolution one has to fulfill several other roles. The harsh reality of any business is that employers require individuals who are cost savers, who possess multi-tasking ability and act as catalyst. Candidates who understand their own strengths and weaknesses are preferred these days. In order to grow and develop the startup firms are going to be more suitable for fresher and experienced applicants as these organization offer an appropriate environment to take initiative and to innovate. The session was concluded by offering a mantra for success which is one must enjoy what he/she does and need to be enthusiastic about it.