Employee Productivity Improvement Practices

Employee Productivity Improvement Practices with special reference to Employee Engagement as a Productivity Enhancement tool

-Prof. Dr. Sonali Saha


“Today’s business environment in IT companies is highly competitive, global, technologically enhanced, and rapidly changing” (Marilyn, 2001, p.1). To deal with these trends, businesses have been changing their internal operations and focusing on essentials such as teamwork, collaboration, sharing of resources, flexibility, modularity and expanded functionality.  In addition, Competitive survival is causing many IT Companies to turn more and more to  examining the “People side of the Productivity Equation”-there is a growing understanding that one of the key components for competitive advantage is the human capital assets – the employees and the intellectual value they bring to the table.  This is leading employers to continually seek new and creative ways to maximize their employees’ productivity *(Marilyn, 2001)*.


Companies realized the importance of Employee Engagement in the workplace environment in order to retain quality personnel, increase productivity, and maintain a competitive edge. With the increased focus on employee productivity, there is a corresponding increase in employee stress.  The enhanced pressure to be productive, and the associated stress many employees are experiencing, is proving to be a major source of risk for many businesses.*(Luparello, 2004)*


On the other hand in today’s competitive scenario, as markets become more globalized. Rising wage cost and the desire to move up the value chain for software services has prompted many Indian I.T. firms to go in for Personnel Productivity Enhancement. Therefore an investigation into the Employee Productivity Practices, its factors and inhibitors can go a long way in providing the companies a competitive edge. The role of researchers is to understand more about the inhibitors and facilitators   of employee productivity with special reference to Employee Engagement.

Engagement going to the heart of the workplace relationship between Employee and Employer, can be a key to unlocking Productivity and to transforming the working lives of many people for whom Monday morning is an especially low point of the week.

Since its conception, a number of researches have been carried out on Employee    Productivity, most of them in United States of America. A visible research gap exists in the area of identification and measurement of drivers of Employee Productivity.


Management’s new challenge is to create a work environment that attracts, keeps, and motivates its workforce. Generation X and Y have different expectations from the workplace than do Baby Boomers and mature workers. The typical Employer Employee Relationship need to be turned upside down. As organization move forward into a boundary less environment, the challenge is not just retaining talented people but fully engaging them i.e. capturing their minds and hearts at every stage of their work lives.

Interaction with DR. SURESH BORKAR

Applicability, Challenges, and Competitive Strategies for Introduction of
4G and 5G wireless eco systems in the Indian context

1500 hrs – 1730 hrs : Monday, 21st December 2015Hotel Deccan Rendezvous, Apte Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune

MIT School of Telecom Management (MITSOT) was privileged to organize an Interaction with one of the leading international telecom experts Dr. Suresh Borkar, who is a Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA. He was the Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Tata Lucent Telecom Joint Venture and Lucent India Inc. He was also the Director for Customer Management for 3G/4G Wireless systems at Alcatel-Lucent Inc USA.


Dr Borkar interacted with the leading industry participants, Telecom Technology professionals as well as concerned Academic officials on the applicability, challenges, and competitive strategies for introduction of 4G and 5G wireless eco systems in the Indian context. During this interaction, he examined the various approaches for providing the range of services from ubiquitous voice to differentiated mobile multimedia and shared his perspective on the game plan for leveraging of the associated innovative technologies including packet based only core, user priority based structures, and rules based Quality of Service (QoS) architecture.


Further, with the frequent questionsposed by the participating delegates, he also reviewed the application of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) foundation and utilization of cloud based platform for providing highly adaptable and flexible customer solutions. Some of the challenges that he discussed with reference to the Indian Telecom scenario were related to User Affordability, 4G devices at par with GSM phones, Price Points vs Services and the ongoing major issues which related to lack of manufacturing capabilities in the country as well as lack of Intellectual Property (IP) and Influence on Standards.


This session proved to be of particular interest to the executives and managers entrusted with the responsibilities of setting technology direction in the face of exciting market dynamics, disruptive technologies, and challenging competitive environment. Participants at this interaction represented organizations such as Vodafone India, Idea Cellular, Infosys Technologies, AtomX Corporation, Giesecke & Devrient India, ITC Infotech, SITECH, RMASH Technologies, Symphony Teleca, Tata Communications, Saprom, Synthesys Solutions, Ziqitza Healthcare, Vidya Pratisthan’s College of Engg. (Baramati), Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pratap Institute of Management and Technology (Washim), MIT etc.


In success of every event there is a team who put all their efforts to make the event a grand success. MITSOT believes in organizing events that helps students in enhancing intellectual and analytical abilities to seek overall development and become future ready.

INNOVISION FEST 2K15 is an annual Techno-management Fest of MIT Pune’s MITSOT. The title of the event “INNOVISION- Redefining business with technology” itself says it all – the vision to innovate. The aim of the fest was to identify and encourage creative talents of budding Managers and technologists.

The Fest, a three day event which was held on 29th ,30th  and  31st October 2015 was a combination of techno-managerial symposium and was conducted to bring technology and management skill sets together on one platform, to encourage and provide avenues to exchange ideas and information from the latest technological trends and the business challenges from the corporate world.

The event started on 23rd October itself. There were competitions like Online Treasure Hunt and Online Mad Ads in which many contestants participated. This was a platform for the participants where they were able to show their intellectual prowess and out of the box creativity.

The main event continued on 29th October, with competitions like The BizQuiz, F.C Pune’s Box Football, and Counter Strike. The Biz quiz, an innovation in itself was a platform where the participants were grilled with loads of buzz. The Box Football was conducted by the Football Club, Pune City (F.C Pune). Many students from all over MIT as well as students from various other institutes enthusiastically participated in the competitions and thus resulted into a great success on the first day itself.

On 30th October, Seminar was conducted on the topic Entrepreneurship Development by Mr. Amol Chaphekar, Entrepreneur, Investor, Consultant @ Innovation – Technology & Automation.  The seminar was interactive, knowledgeable and full of live examples. The students took away productive knowledge, which will be useful for them in their future. The seminar was followed by Business plan, Strategy build up and Paper presentation competition. The objective behind these competitions was to encourage students in developing situational, analytical and presentation skills.


On the Final day we had “Internet of Things Conference”, where we witnessed the Panel speakers Mr. Vijay Mahajan, CEO M2All.com (Mahindra & Mahindra); Mr. Subodh Gajare, Sr. Tech Leader Cisco Systems; Mr. Abhijit Patait, Director Software Development, NVIDIA; Mr. Saajid Elaskar, Principal Consultant Cisco; Ms. Ipsita Bhattacharya, Head-DES Pre-sales and Solutioning, Europe TechMahindra Ltd.; addressed on the topic “IOT- internet of things” emphasizing on new opportunities in the field and impact of technology on our daily life.

The overall feedback given by the audience was Excellent in terms of knowledge sharing, Awareness about the Emerging trends in the field of IoT as well as Sharing of Live Case Study of Mahindra and Mahindra.

The panel discussion was very well received by the audience as all the business acumen were very much expertise in their domain and it was very much informative.


Report on Marketing Meet “Manthan”- Innovations for Global Excellence !!!!

manthanMIT group has a legacy of 33 glorious years of excellence in education. With this, MITSOT has proven to be a leading institution & premier place of learning in the country and attracts the best & brightest students. MIT-SOT, strives to build premium quality manpower with Techno-managerial skills, to act as ‘Business Leaders’ & ‘Change Managers’, in the various fields.

A Summit was organized by the marketing fraternity, where we could discuss and deliberate upon the latest happenings in the world of Marketing, where we also thought about creating a platform to involve, engage and synergize the stakeholders from every field. HDB Financial Services organized a quiz “Finquest” at MIT and MIT SOT hosted that prestigious quiz, where 300 students from across Pune participated and enjoyed the journey of Quest. Including this an array of events was organized at MITSOT Campus to mark this uplifting occasion. We started with a festival of feasts and celebrations- showcasing talents in creativity and innovations on 8th of August.

IMG_6204Adding to the glory was the “MITSOT Haats- where the participants from across MIT group and various other institutes participated and showcased their talents. The Haats were decked up to celebrate Marketing Principles and Practices. The haats were adorned with a vibrant ambience and hence were able to gather huge response in terms of footfalls as well as sales.

The second day of the summit was marked by some very interesting games such as…. 9th Oct

1) Business Baazigar with Rs 100– Rs 100 Biz as a platform for people with smart & viable business ideas. It was aimed at helping people identify their hidden ability to become the next big entrepreneur. The contestants were given Rs 100 as the funding he / she needed to convert their idea into reality. They were put through grueling tasks that tested their business acumen and team spirit. Finally the jury selected the top performers among the participants.

2) Print Advertisement Creation- We believe that Print ads are still the most powerful medium for getting your message across, for companies Business’s print advertisements need to give readers a reason to be interested in your business; hence, they must be clear, succinct, informative, and inviting. Your print ad has just a split second to attract attention and quickly explain why your product or service has some lasting benefit to those who read about it. This was the intention behind organizing a competition that required participants to create an eye-catching print ad. We feel delighted to share with you all that participants came out with highly innovative print advertising campaigns.

IMG_63023) Content Development: The basic idea behind this event was to give aspiring managers a chance to showcase their creativity and rousing ability with words, as in fact, most content writing is seen as a way to sell a product or simply inform a reader of the facts.

4) Back with a Bang – With this competition we motivated participants to study product failures, in the planning and implementation process to learn from the mistakes of other product and brand failures. The primary goal behind this game was to make participants learn from product and brand failures so that future product development, design, strategy and implementation will be more successful in Learning from these “lessons”. 10 teams participated and could convince the jury with some very thought provoking strategies and innovative techniques.

On 10th October, 2015 a Panel Discussion on the theme “Marketing Strategies for accelerated World” was organized. The panel members were from diverse sectors

IMG_62181) Vinayak Deshpande

Business Unit Head and Asso. Director (Electronics, Electrical & Industrial Automation) at  Markets and Markets

2)  R V Krishnan

Chairman, Business Development Bureau India Private Limited B.Tech in Chemical Engineering

3) Abhay Kardeguddi

CEO at Karwak

4) Rajesh Bhatia

Managing Director-Sales at Federal Express Corporation (since 2009)

National Network Security Championship workshop

‘National Network Security Championship’ was organized by Network Bulls in partnership with E-cell IIT Kanpur on 29th and 30th September and MIT School of Telecom Management being the zonal head hosted the event. Faculty coordinator for the event was Prof. Sameera Mahajan and student coordinators were Sailee Dipankar and Ayush Mauzumdar.

The workshop was for 2 days, 8hours a day at MIT Pune. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Pratap Chandra, a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. 100 students from technical as well as nontechnical background attended this informative workshop. The workshop imparted various network paradigms.

The course covered following concepts-

  • Basics of Networking
  • Subnetting and VLSM
  • Public and Private IPS
  • IPv6 Addressing
  • Routing
  • Switching

Software used-

  • Telnet Client
  • Secure CRT
  • Putty
  • Wire Shark
  • Packet Tracer

A competition was held at the end of the workshop and 5 students were selected as the champions who will be presenting Pune zone at the ‘National Network Security Championship’ finale which will be held at IIT Kanpur. Out of 5 champions selected three were MITSOT students and the remaining were from Cummins College of Engineering and MIT College of Engineering each.

Overall it was a good experience for all the participants and positive feedback was received. Students learned a lot and will be benefited from this workshop in future.

Special thanks to Network Bulls, E-cell IIT Kanpur, MITSOT for organizing this great workshop  , Mr. Pratap Chandra sharing his expertise. Also thanks to Faculty coordinator and student coordinator for making it a successful event.

Marketing Manthan – Grand Marketing Summit


MAEER was the first step of the revolution in the education scenario of Maharashtra. Maharashtra, the third largest state in the country, with a rich heritage, known as the land of saints and also, the one which gave great leaders to the world had yet to progressed in the field of education.

This realization embarked the journey of MAEER – in 1983 with the establishment of Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the first private engineering colleges in Maharashtra which still remains the flagship institute of the group.

MIT School of Telecom, has traversed the path of rapid development in education, along with the nation, often responding positively to changed needs and at times initiating significant changes. We have evolved in the last thirty five years by overcoming tough hurdles set more by limitations of thinking in that era, rather than lack of ability, to arrive at a point where we can explore the vastness of knowledge and possibilities on the global canvas.

Along the same lines, we are organizing a Grand Marketing Summit in our Pune campus. The Summit will be for 3 days from 8thof October till 10th Oct. We have planned a gala opening on 8thOct with a Quiz “FinQuest” to be followed by some outstanding events and finally the Brainstorming sessions, Prize Distribution and Corporate Panel Discussion to mark the end of a wonderful beginning.

The highlights being the:

8thOctober: – HDB Finquest & MITSOT Haat (For Students Participation)
9thOctober: – Back With the Bang, Content Development, RS.100 Bizz and Print Advertisement (For Students Participation)
10thOctober: – Panel Discussion & Felicitation Ceremony (Corporate Dignitaries, Experts from the Field and Marketing Veterans)

To be precise, it’s a complete event for everyone from Academics, Corporate, and knowledge gainers, entertainment seekers, with an added opportunity to look for the latest happenings in the arena of marketing. Almost all the prestigious organizations are taking part in this grand event.

HR Summit 2015 – A Report

Emotional Intelligence

Final HR Summit


Welcome address by Dr. Milind Pande – Project Director, MITSOT


Welcome speech by Ms. Shobhana Anand – Head Corporate Relations, MITSOT


Keynote Address by Dr. Adwaita Menon – Associate Director, KPMG

“Value of a value lies in how it helps you reconcile a dilemma”


Theme Address by Dr. Shambhavi Sharma – Country Head, Marvell Semiconductor

“Women have the ability to express better”



                               Panel Discussion members 

Mr. Sachidanand Kulkarni – VP HR and Culture, Webonise Lab

Mr. Kaustubh Bhadbhade – Senior Manager HR, Persistent Systems ltd.

Mr. Vinod Bidwaik – Director HR, DSM India pvt. ltd.

Mr. Clifford Nicholas – Senior Manager HR, NVIDIA


“Emotional Intelligence is important for the thought process” – Mr. Sachidanand Kulkarni

“Listen more, observe more” – Mr. Kaustubh Bhadbhade

“Not being judgemental is the key of Emotional Intelligence” – Mr. Vinod Bidwaik

“Emotional Intelligence is about how self-aware you are & how you deal with that” –              Mr. Clifford Nicholas


HR Summit 2015


Final HR Summit

Emotional Intelligence

Considering the gap in the demand and supply of the Telecom & Management Professionals, an initiative was taken by MIT Group of Institutions in its Silver Jubilee Year about 8 years back.  Established on 1st August 2007, MIT School of Telecom & Management Studies has been striving to groom outstanding business leaders and creative Entrepreneurs, capable of excelling in a rapidly changing, and dynamic world.
As you may be aware, that an organization’s most important resource is its human capital and like any resource, the way in which it is utilized makes it effective. HR executives are placed with vital responsibilities of identifying, recruiting and retaining their talent as well as keeping them engaged and performing optimally. The key to the long-term success of any organization lies within the ability of the HR executive to successfully perform these responsibilities

HR Summit, 2015 is an event that provides a platform to discuss on the skills that drive the businesses. This conference is a forum for industry and academia to exchange thoughts and ideas on emerging business issues. Conference is structured as a Corporate Panel Discussion followed by Question Answer session.

The details of the summit are as follows

Day & Date: Thursday, 1st, October 2015, Time: 10:00am – 1:30pm followed by Networking Lunch

   Venue: Sant Dyaneshwara Hall, MIT Campus, Pune 

Sending you the framework of the contents based on the theme “Emotional Intelligence” for your perusal.

The scope of the topic for the Panel Discussion will be:

  1. Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Skills
  2. The power of clear communication
  3. Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
  4. Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. Why it matters more than personality
  5. Why Emotional Intelligence is more important to hiring


Sr.no Time Agenda Speaker Designation
1 09:00am Registration
2 10:00am Welcome Shobhana Anand Placement Head, MIT SOT
3 10:05am World Peace Prayer
4 10:10am Welcome Address Dr.Milind Pande Project Director, MIT SOT
5 10:15am Felicitation of guests
6 10:20am Keynote Address Dr.Adwaita Menon Associate Director at  KPGM
7 10:30am Theme Address Dr.Shambhavi P sharma Country Head at Marvell Semiconductor
8 10:40am Presentation by Winners on Emotional Intelligence
9 11:30am Panel Discussion On Emotional Intelligence Mr Sachidanand Kulkarni VP HR and Culture at Webonise Lab
Ms.Nupur Ray Head Talent Acquisition atBajaj Allianz Life Insurance co. Ltd.
Mr.Kaustubh Bhadbhade(Panel Moderator) Senior Manager-HR atPersistent System Ltd.
Mr.Vinod Bidwaik Director HR at DSM India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Clifford Nicholas Senior Manager HR at NVIDIA
10 12:15pm Valedictory Address Mr. Raghu Nair Head Learning & Development at
Forbes Marshall
11 12:30pm Vote of Thanks Dr.Jaideep Jadhav ;Head Academics at MITSOT

MITSOT organized Panel Discussion on the theme “MOBILE HRM” involving Industry Leaders

MITSOT organized Panel Discussion on the theme “MOBILE HRM” involving Industry Leaders on 12th Sept 2015 at Shri Vivekanand Sbhagrugh , MIT Campus Pune. The Program commenced with the Welcome address by Dr. Sonali Saha- Coordinator of the event followed by the felicitation of the Panellist by the Dr. Milind Pande, Project Director MITSOT. The panel comprised eminent Head Consulting Aayaam- Mr.Abhay Valsangkar , HR Manager PNB Metlife -Mr.Saji Oommen, Senior  Development Manager  at Nuance Communications- Mr. Makarand  Hardas, Assistant Professor-( MIT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT)- Mrs. Swapna Saoji, Assistant Professor-MIT School of Business- Mrs. Aparna Nashikkar Pathak.

Welcome Address by Dr Milind Pande , Project Director MITSOT
The panel comprised eminent Head Consulting Aayaam- Mr.Abhay Valsangkar , HR Manager PNB Metlife -Mr.Saji Oommen, Senior Development Manager at Nuance Communications- Mr. Makarand Hardas, Assistant Professor-( MIT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT)- Mrs. Swapna Saoji, Assistant Professor-MIT School of Business- Mrs. Aparna Nashikkar Pathak.

The Panel discussion on “Mobile Human Resource Managementwent ahead which was very interesting & knowledgeable. Mrs. Swapna Saoji very well moderated the Panel Discussion. Students showed very much enthusiasm in asking questions to the panelist & most of the questions were answered very well by them.

The panelists touched upon several important aspects covering the Significance of Mobile HRM, Difference between HR and MHRM, MHRM solution benefits, Mobile Technology, Feedback and Surveys, Mobile HR today and Benefits of mobile HR. The panel discussion went for two hours and ended with vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Jaideep Jadhav (Academic Head, MITSOT) and with a very positive note.

Digital India Conclave-2015

MITSOT has been at the forefront in taking forward the Prime Minister’s ‘Digital India’ initiative, to the masses. The entire ‘Digital India Week’ initiative of MITSOT  in the first week of July 2015 saw enthusiastic participation by students and staff from various educational institutes across Pune city, as well as citizens from all walks of life.  MITSOT students and faculty members organized various events, based on innovative themes aiming at taking the ‘Digital India’ message to the citizens at large. The objective was to popularize the concept of Digital India, along with various other socially relevant issues among the citizens of Pune. This was achieved well beyond our expectations. Social commitment and youth empowerment through digital technology have been the ethos of MITSOT.

Keeping with the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s pro-active approach towards Digital India Initiative of Government of India, The Broadband India Forum, in association with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) India organized “Digital India Conclave-2015” recently at the Le-Meridien-New Delhi.

Panelists of the session ‘Empowerment through Digital India and Challenges’

The conclave is a major prestigious event, being organized by the Broadband India Forum, an associate organization of the ITU-APT Foundation. Eminent dignitaries including heads of various reputed organizations such as NITI Ayog, Dept. of Telecom(DoT), Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Prasar Bharti, BSNL, MTNL, NASSCOM, Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), TCIL, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) etc. and major corporates from the telecom industry shall be participating at this conclave.

Dr Milind Pande
Dr Milind delivering speech on Educational perspective of Digital India

​MITSOT Project Director, Dr Milind Pande was invited to this conclave as the Subject Authority representing Academia, in the Session on ‘Empowerment through Digital India and Challenges’. He threw light on the Educational perspective of Digital India, emphasizing on the Education Point of view in preparing the employability of Indian Youth.

The Digital India Guide Book published on this occasion included MIT Pune’s School of Telecom Management as one of the Case Studies. The Conclave participation included Senior Government Officials, Subject experts from Telecom Industry & Academia, the Users Community & various NGOs.

MITSOT case study published in The Digital India Guide Book

It is a matter of great honour for MITSOT that MITSOT Pune is the only academic institute invited to participate at this prestigious event. This certainly is an indicator that MITSOT is gaining wider appreciation and reputation as an institution of learning and research at the highest levels, in academia, industry as well as government.