An Industrial Visit to Reliance Jio, DAKC

On 4thAugust 2015 we, second year students of Systems from MIT School of Telecom visited Reliance Jio which is situated in Navi Mumbai. It is an organization that works extensively on LTE and integrating the 4G technology with other things (Internet of Things). We started our journey from our college with our faculty members, Mrs. Shobana Anand, Mr. Bharat Ayachit and Mrs. Sameera Mahajan.

Photo 5

When we reached their office, we were welcomed by our alumni Mr. Vipin Bhosle. He introduced us to the company and its environment. After that we met Dr. Munir Sayyed(Head Innovations).. He greeted us and showed all the latest innovations. He took us to an automated home which is built inside the company itself.  It works on LTE principles which are integrated with home appliances which can be operated with mobile phone.  He also explained whole working along with technical aspects. It shows great vision and great future with correct mix of technology.

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After this they took us to the environment chambers where they explained all the working and details of the devices. We  had  been shown the whole company structure.  Their staff were very kind and helping.  We visited Reliance Jio’s data center there after . Mr. Sachin guided us to the data center and gave us valuable inputs regarding working of it. He showed us the storage devices and servers.. It was both fun and learning experience for  our  batch. This visit helped us to get insight of how actually a company works. At the end, Mr.Vipin explained about the company details. He also briefed what to study and how to focus on career. It was a great experience and learning for all . This visit  gave lot of exposure to the corporate world which will help us to grow in future. We thank MITSOT , specially the T&P team  to organize such a visit.

Report presented by Anjali Gupta. (Systems, batch: 2014-16)