Sessions on Case Study by Dr. Nitin Pangarkar National University of Singapore

There was an interesting session by Dr. Nitin Pangarkar, Director Academics, National University of Singapore (NUS) on June23, 2017 in the afternoon in MITSOT, Pune.
The session was about how to write and discuss cases related to your domain and was conducted for faculty and staff of MITSOT.

He had mailed articles written by him on Red Bull, Asia Pacific Breweries and on expanding and diversifying a family business. It was an interactive session for about 2 hours.

Dr Nitin Pagarkar With Dr Milind Pande and MITSOT Faculty Members

Points discussed during the session:
Preparing a case study:
The points discussed by Dr. Nitin Pangarkar with faculty members of MITSOT were:

  1. Cases can be written in all domain areas. Companies which were doing better earlier but are now in trouble can be discussed and written. These cases are interesting as these companies are also known so everybody can understand the case.
  2. While discussing cases in the classroom, 1 big case can be discussed in one session of an hour.
  3. Headlines can be used for discussion in the class.
  4. Cases are context for discussion eg. Airbnb, Singapore airlines.
  5. Why are some companies closing shops? Is there any link to profitability? Eg. Tata Docomo
  6. Comparison can be done on the basis of cost structure of companies. Eg. Telecom companies have a bigger component of fixed costs whereas company such as Oyorooms has more variable costs.

Sources for preparing case studies:
Some sources for preparing cases are

  • Magazines such as The Economist, Fortune.
  • Websites such as Yahoo Finance
  • Student projects
  • Success stories and failures.
  • Success followed by failure.
  • Corporate Governance

Case Study and Newspaper article:
There was also a discussion on the difference between writing a case study and newspaper article. He explained that in a newspaper article state the facts but do not praise the company. Write generally in one sentence about the company.
 Case Examples:
He also discussed which cases can be more interesting, less interesting and boring in the class for students with examples of companies. Companies which are existing for a long time and are growing steadily can be boring whereas companies which are new and can be more interesting.
For example, OYO Rooms, Ola taxi, Patanjali, Reliance Jio etc can be interesting case studies for discussion in the current scenario.