Telecom Industry: The Growth Prospect

The revolution in the telecom sector has changed the way some businesses are handled in India. Now a days there is a lot of news in the Industry about the newly Launch 3G enabled services and handsets. This has led not only to the significant growth of the Telecom industry but also the GDP has increased tremendously. According to the sources it was expected that country’s telecom market will grow rapidly and by 2010, telecom will likely to be a US$38 billion sector, contributing 5.4% to India ‘s GDP, and above all these expected growths are coming true.

The growth has been attributed to the launch of operations in new areas such as 3G and WiMAX services.3G includes Videoconferencing, Voice calls, and advanced voice services, whereas WIMAX includes wireless connectivity. As India is a developing country and has a huge population, it is seen that it is the booming domestic telecom market and has been attracting huge amounts of investment which is likely to speed up with the entry of new players and launch of other new services too.

It is analyzed that the key markets and segments of Indian telecom industry to make overseas clients aware of the present and future scenario and the factors fueling the growth of Indian telecom sector which will then ultimately leads to the employment generation in the country.

According to the Union Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology,India has become an advanced nation in the mobile market of the world with lakhs of consumers getting associated to the service every month. This will of course lead to the growth of the other sectors too and will make its strong place in telecommunication sector in the future time.

The Indian mobile industry has stimulated for its hyper growth mode, it is said that the industry continues to grow at double-digit rates for the coming years as the operators are focusing on the rural parts of the country. According to the sources Mobile market penetration is anticipated to increase from 38.7 percent in 2009 to 63.5 percent in 2013.

Due to the earlier global slowdown may have affected India as well, with news of significant job cuts across various sectors. but, one sector continues to boom – The Telecom sector.

Apparently, above all factors creating growth in the Telecom Industry there would be ultimately the number of experienced and skilled telecom human resources will be required for the Industry. As there are huge “Opportunities in communication sector”, the scope for management graduates who have specialized in management with technical background has increased a lot and there are a host of top jobs available in this field and MIT school of Telecom management is one of the top Business school in Pune which is offering various courses understanding the need of the Telecom industry by providing Management graduates in specialized domains.

It is of course “Sky is not a limit for the Telecom Industry” so the “employment too is not a limit for a management graduate”.

Shweta P. Mankar,
Research Associate,