Telecom Sector: Growth & Development

ndia is the 2nd largest Telecom Market in the World. So there are Plenty of Career Opportunities for young generation.

MIT School of Telecom Management Pune, is a Institute which provides world- class telecom business leaders to cope up with the changing scenario in the corporate world. As there is huge growth in telecom in India, We need telecom managers and we must rise to this challenge.

As Telecommunications technology continues to grow and change. This technical knowledge should be gained by education. This course will provide you with technical training on various technologies used to provide voice and data communication networks as well as providing you with training in the management and accounting skills needed by a manager.

Information is shared today via telecommunications networks and is often referred to as telecommunications-based information technology (TBIT). So one should always be needed to manage the telecommunications technology due to the constantly changing IT needs of the business.

MIT School of telecom believes in Instant access to news of world events is possible due to the advances in telecommunications. Telecommunications progress enables individuals to become more informed and quicker decisions

The fast-paced growth in the telecom sector is proving to be a golden opportunity for an MBA aspirants. The big brands like Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Nortel, Lucent and others are the big recruiters in Telecom Industry.

There are extreme shortages of telecommunications professionals and Colleges within the telecom industry. So to build your career, the future is bright in Telecom Management and to meet the needs of industry by opting for specialization in Telecom Management.

Vandana Dhumal
MIT School of Telecom Managemen