Visit to Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai

The MITSOT Finance students Batch 2017-19 visited the Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai on 25th July 2017. The faculty members Dr.Rashmi Paranjpye, Mr.Bharat Ayachit & Mr Manohar Mahale accompanied the students.

The students had an interaction with Dr. Aditya Srinivas, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Economist, BSE Brokers Forum. There is strict security to enter Bombay Stock Exchange. The students were taken to the 8th floor of BSE where the BSE Brokers Forum office is located. The interaction happened in the seminar hall of BSE Brokers Forum. There were 2 batches of 20 students each. Dr. Aditya Srinivas explained about mutual funds and how the Assets Under Management for mutual funds have grown from 1.5 lac crores in 2004 to 19.5 lac crores in 2017. He also explained the process and fees for becoming a member of BSE and NSE. He told the students the benefits of acting as a broker or a sub-broker of the BSE and that students can look at it as a career.He also showed the students the live screen of NSE. He explained to them how a trade happens in the stock market. He explained the various terms such as buy quantity, buy price, sell quantity, sell price, % change in the price, 52 week high and low prices. He answered the questions of students relating to fund manager, stock broker and how the prices depend on the buy and sell quantity of shares in the stock market.At the end of the second session the speaker was felicitated by Mr. Bharat Ayachit. It was a good experience for the students of MITSOT and good exposure for them.