Visit to Brinton Carpet Asia by Sr. Marketing Batch 2014-16

Sr Mkt Briton Carpet 1Students from MITSOT Marketing batch 2014-16, got an opportunity to visit “BRINTONS CARPET”, Pune-412108 on 1st August 2015 with our faculty members  Prof. Rajshri Kadam ,MrS. Shobana Anand ,Head Placement & Corporate Relations and Mr.C.R.Jadhav.  The visit to BRINTONS CARPET was very fruitful and has opened the eyes of students regarding the hard work done by the employees of this company. The visit was planned to understand the working of the manufacturing company along with the sections in which it was divided.  Pirangut, the place where the company is located is 14.9 kms away from the Pune city.

The moment we entered the gate of BINTONS CARPET, the guard took all the relevant information from our faculty members as this was an MNC with high level security.  They had setup this plant at pirangut in the year 1998. Brinton’s carpet enjoys monopoly in the market, as once a Chinese firm entered into the market known as TYPING but could not sustain in the market

After remaining a privately owned company for over 200 years, Brinton Carpet  was acquired by the Carlyle Group in September 2011. Whole manufacturing company was divided into three parts i.e. BT1, BT2, and BT3. BT1 was the warehouse section in which the piles of wool which is imported from UK was kept, into two parts i.e. the upgrade quality and the mid quality wool. The piles contain 80% wool and 20% nylon.BT2 was dying section where the piles of wool was segregated into tiny thread like structure and then the coloring part takes place and BT3 was the knitting section, it is the last stage of the carpet where the whole carpet and the designing is done.  Their target is to  complete 54 carpets in one week which is 1, 70,000 sq. meters.  The competitor of Brinton’s is a Chinese firm for last  3-4 years. This firm has failed in capturing the market because of the quality of the carpet as their piles of wool contain 70% wool and 30% carpet.  After opening the piles of wool they churn them in a machine known as carding wool machine which cuts the wool into small pieces. To run the carding machine one need to maintain the humidity because there is a possibility of fire accident. Now comes the knitting part. There are two types of knitting done in this industry i.e. two play two string and three play three string. The three play three string always consists of good quality wool.

This company is very particular regarding the environment and the surroundings. As inside the company there are 2 ponds, in which the hazardous waste of the company is dumped so that it may not harm the environment.

The visit was informative and we all learnt the basic functions of manufacturing unit. The visit was well organized by Shobana madam & her team  with full-fledged support from the HR head of Brinton’s carpet. It surely motivated our future managers and gave them more opportunity to look ahead for their career.At the end Mr.Likhit Shirke, the company guide was felicitated by our Shobana Madam & Rajashri Madam  who were coordinating the visit.


Report by : Ms.Bharati Keswani  & Marketing ( 2015-17 batch)