What an Idea, 3G!!!

The telecom sector is one of the leading contributors to India’s flourishing economy. There are many new developments in the telecom sector, including the ingress of 3G technology that the Indian market is witnessing at present.

It wasn’t so many years ago that Indian wireless carriers wanted nothing more than to convince their customers to use their phones for more than talking. Having invested billions to bring data applications like Web browsing and video to their networks, carriers saw little interest from consumers. However, the telecommunications world is now changing as the trends of media convergence, industry consolidation, Internet and IP technologies and mobile communications collide into one. Significant change will be bought about by this rapid evolution in technology. MITSOT realized this importance of Telecom in present lives and started with a unique programme to produce world-class Techno-Managers.

From the age of telegraphs Indian telecom sector has witnessed an immense growth and has diversified into various segments like, Fixed Line Telephony, mobile telephony, GSM, CDMA etc. Now it’s time to welcome the much-awaited 3G Technology. 3G is an exciting new technology that is being incorporated into mobile devices across the globe. Users are now able to make person-to-person calls, download data and do a variety of other tasks they never imagined possible to gain access to data and information at almost anytime and from any place, all via their 3G cell phones.

The 3G subscriber base is expected to hit 90 million by 2013, accounting for 12% of the overall wireless user base as per the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), in India. There will also be an increase in the share of non-voice services, including data card access, and short messaging service. The Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) from these services will jump from the present 9% to nearly 23%. One study suggests there will be 570 million 3G subscribers in the Asia Pacific region by 2013.India is expected to have nearly 6 per cent of this market.

With the coming of more and more projects, the telecom industry is going for high scale recruitments. There is a huge demand for software engineers, mobile analysts, and hardware engineers for mobile handsets. Besides, there are ample opportunities for marketing people whose services are required to capture more and more customer base. The new projects, setting up of new service bases, expansion of coverage areas, network installations, maintenance, etc due to 3G deployment, are providing more and more employment opportunities in the telecom sector. In the coming three-four years the operators will see higher subscriber volumes and better operational efficiencies and consequently the prices will drop to attract a wider audience.

Shweta Sangar
Research Associate – MITSOT