Winning Recipes to serve your customers

MDP organized by MITSOT
for the Middle managers of Redington India.

MITSOT Faculty Team with Participants

The MDP for middle managers of Redington India on  “Winning Recipes to serve your customer” was successfully conducted on 10th and 11th June 2016 at MITSOT.

Redington approached placement Head at MITSOT with the objective of conducting the training program for the selected employees in order to build a leadership pipeline for the organization.

The overall theme was to impart the contemporary tools and techniques for handling the clients successfully which would result in the growth of the business.

Prior to training there was detailed interaction between faculty of MITSOT and DGM training and development, Redington about the contents to be delivered and the expected approach in delivery. The program was customized as per the requirement.

Redington selected 30 middle managers to undergo this specially customized training program .

The MDP started at 9:30 am. On 10th With the MITSOT presentation. The Project Director Dr. Milind Pande addressed the gathering by welcoming Redington team on campus.

On 10th & 11th the MITSOT faculty addressed the participants on topics like Power of Selling, Customer Centric Selling, Selling skills, Credit management, Channel Management, effective communications skills .Professional etiquettes, personality development sessions named as Reflection: The way to excellence, discovering yourself  &  learn to lead. Lot of activities and games giving specific learning outcome also were part of training.

The overall training was very interactive with the involvement of high level of participation from the participants.

The DGM Redington along with all participants highly appreciated the program with the aspiration of attending variety of other modules once again at MITSOT.