Workshop on Turnaround Strategy

Workshop on Turnaround Strategy by CMA Mukesh Gupta, Principal Consultant – Finance & Strategy, Infosys


Growth and decline of industries have direct impact on nation’s economy. In our universe, everything has a life cycle may it be human life, organisation or various form of energy. There is situation when organisation faces the continuous decline in its performance which may need the turnaround solutions in order to survive. Mukesh Gupta shared his experience on how the organisation needs the right kind of leadership to make the real difference.

The overall goal of turnaround strategy is to return a distressed company to normal situation in terms of competitive capacity and financial norms. Turn- around is a war like situation where turnaround specialist need to take the call for decisive victory. Mukesh threw light on the Identification of stage of company in its life cycle, root cause of decline, preparing the strategy to overcome from decline and strong execution are entirely different set of skills belong to turnaround specialists. Whatever are the reasons of failure (mismanagement, failure of top leadership, denial) but it results are always financial losses. As a result, the operating cash flow should finance the debt & equity obligation for sound financial strength otherwise organisation need to opt the financial restructuring.