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MIT School of Telecom Management

MIT School of Telecom & Management Studies, had organized a series of lectures on Telecom Management by a well known faculty of Telecommunications Prof. Dr. Suresh Borkar from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago from 19th to 23rd of December, 2011. This unique initiative has helped the student community in MITSOT in understanding the expectations of the globalized telecom industry. 
The students of MITSOT got a wonderful exposure on Telecom Business Management, the various aspects of Telecommunications, Advances in End to End Technology and Processes for Designing, Deploying, Optimizing, and Managing Telecom Networks, Key Concepts of Requirements Development, Design Steps, Architecture Finalization, System Design, Site Testing, Performance Optimization, and Network Operations and Management of Current and Upcoming Telecom Networks, Customer Management, Strategies for Decision Making, and the Migration Towards Future Networks and Global Perspective with Applicability to India 
The sessions were very interactive and introspective as Dr. Borkar with his extensive experience in the field of Telecommunications has widened the horizon of students by a wonderful amalgamation of Industry and Academics. His lectures have provided a direction to the students for their career planning.

Dr Borkar@ MITSOT
Dr Borkar@ MITSOT
Prof.(Dr.) Suresh Borkar,interacting with Senior students.

Dr. Borkar also interacted with the students of batch 2011-13 and gave them insights about the prospects in the field of Telecom. His topic of discussion was- “Telecom Career – An Exciting Opportunity” Dr. Borkar covered various aspects in his presentations viz., Global Telecom Services Continuum, India Framework, Current Market, Telecom Growth, Engineer Expertise and Telecom Opportunities. This interaction with the new batch has clarified many doubts about this booming Telecom sector and has lend a hand to the budding Telecom Managers in identifying their field of expertise and in building their confidence in surging ahead

Dr Borkar@ MITSOT Dr Borkar@ MITSOT
Prof.(Dr.) Suresh Borkar, interacting with Junior Batch (2011-13) students.
Dr Borkar@ MITSOT
Prof.(Dr.) Suresh Borkar, in discussion with Project Director, Academic Director & Faculty members.