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Fee Structure

Fee Structure for PGDM/MBA 2017 – 2019 Batch


Type of Fee

Amount (Rs.)
in Ist Year

Amount (Rs.)
in IInd Year


Tuition Fees




Development Fees



Total Fees



Total fee for batch 2017-19 = Rs. 5,90,000 /-

Hostel Fee: 80000/- per year

Late Fee:
In the event of late deposit of fee following surcharge will have to be paid extra.

Sr. No.


Late Fee


If paid within 30 days of the due date

10% of Tuition Fee


If paid between 31 to 60 days of due date

20% of Tuition Fee

Student will not be allowed to attend the Lectures, Computer Lab & Library sessions in case of non payment of fee as per the Institute Guidelines.

Bank Charges:

  • All bank charges pertaining to the remittance of fees, if any, shall be debited to the student's account and recovered as dues. ln the event of dishonor of the cheque / draft, a sum of Rs 250/- will be recovered as fine from the student in addition to the bank charges.

Refund Policy: 
The policy of Refund of fees in case of voluntary cancellation of admission will be as under:

Sr. No.



Cancellation of Admission after the commencement of the course

No refund


  • Legal disputes, if any, will be settled only in Pune jurisdiction.
  • For detailed fees structure refer current course prospectus.