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Frame Your Career in Telecom Sector with MITSOT

Interested in Telecom sector? Want to frame your career in this field? Then check out the Telecom management programme offered by MITSOT.

Started in 2007, MIT School of Telecom Management (MITSOT) is an AICTE certified & Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) associated Management Institution that aims at enabling their students with Telecom Management skills. The programme that they offer includes MBA in Telecom Management & PGDM in Telecom. Through these programme, individuals can easily enhance their telecom skills, which further assist them in framing their career in this field. Besides this, MITSOT is even partner with various major & globally recognized companies that give an opportunity to the individuals to get connected with one of them. Various reputed companies with which MITSOT is partners with include Infosys, Syntel, IBM, Microsoft, TCS, and many others.

Having a glorious experience of 30 years in providing world class education to the individuals, MITSOT continues to be India’s leading institution that attracts the best & brightest individuals. Moreover, the institution even focuses on building superior quality Techno-Managerial skills, besides providing high quality & excellent education. Through these skills, users not only polish their technical skills, but even get assistance in becoming “Business Leaders” and “Change Managers” of different fields. Additionally, with their faculty of skilled & experienced professors, the MBA & PGDM programmes that they design are highly focused to build individuals’ corporate skills. So get enrolled now and build your career in Telecom sector with the MIT School of Telecom Management (MITSOT).

CII – IWN Pune Launch of 100 Hours of Change

CII – IWN Program
organized by CII at MIT School of Telecom Management

24th Dec. 2014, Wednesday


Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) & Indian Women Network (IWN) had organized “Launch of 100 Hours of Change” program at MIT Pune’s, MIT School of Telecom Management.

CII – IWN has unveiled an ambitious program ‘100 Hours of Change’ – as an attempt to create the biggest pool of women mentors who can help students and other women rise to their full potential in their careers. 100HOC is an ambitious project where the Network will link up women who have had the access to education and financial independence with those who are just venturing out and want to contribute. The idea is to help create real role models who can bring about positive change where it is required most.


Ms. Indira Parikh, Co Chairperson IWN Pune & Ms. Shabnam Asthana, Director, Empowered Solutions, were the eminent invited guests for the program along with CII delegates.


The event Commenced with welcome speech by Ms. Shobana Anand, Head- Corporate Relations and brief about CII IWN was given by Ms. Sulagna Chattergy of CII Pune. In continuance to this a workshop on “Campus to Corporate” was conducted by Ms. Shabnam Asthana. She briefed the students on communication skills, grooming and corporate etiquettes. Prof. Rishi Kappal proposed vote of thanks marking the end of a successful event  celebrating Women empowerment.

In brief this initiative was a huge success and received wide coverage from Print media. The event was featured in various newspapers.

MIT School of Telecom Management (MITSOT), the Best Institution for Telecom Management in India

MIT School of Telecom Management (MITSOT) is one of the best institutions for telecom management in India. The institution is approved by AICTE and Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC). It is an affiliated management institution that is focused on Telecom Management. The organization was established in 2007 and has proved out to be an excellent education centre. It is considered as a premiere learning place in the country that has record of delivering some of the brightest and best students. The college also offers MBA in telecom management in Pune. In this programme, students are taught to develop knowledge, skill and understanding in various functional areas of Telecommunication, also known as Information & Communication Technology (ICT). The requirement of communication industry is quite different from any other industry; hence, the programmes that are provided by the college are to meet up the industrial standard.

MITSOT understands the fact that how important it is to bring some effective changes in the existing course of telecom management. Hence, they recognize the limitation and with an intention to keep up with the changing scenario of global business, the institution is offering PGDM in telecom in Pune. The course has a strong academic curriculum which is of 2 years duration. There are specializations available in system, finance, and marketing. The course of PGDM in telecom has open doors of opportunity in various fields such as banking, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, government, IT, and many more